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Tory Burch wants to make “the everyday sublime” at New York Fashion Week

Walking the runway to music from The Cure and Joy Division on Monday, New York Fashion Week models paraded skirts inspired by lampshades, American designer Tory Burch’s celebration of making “the everyday sublime.” (Also read | New York Fashion Week: Pregnant model, mom with a baby and a trans model with a physical disability dominate the Collina Strada show)

Among the most unique works from Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the skirts were worn with lightweight long-sleeved tops and hoods during the show. (AFP)

The brightly colored and sometimes bright skirts appeared to be single at the waist and were designed to fold “almost like origami,” the designer told AFP.

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“I wanted sharp corners, but… the skirt actually comes off and folds into nothing, it’s almost like origami,” she said, celebrating her brand’s 20th anniversary.

Among the most unique works of her Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the skirts were worn with light, long-sleeved blouses and hoods, during a show under the arches of Manhattan’s Great Library.

“I’ve tried to think about how to make the everyday sublime,” he said.

The Burch brand has long been praised for its classic look, but now appears to be evolving into a more contemporary one.

Use very lightweight materials but give them character with raw seams, add multicolored fringes to a long sequin coat or make a delicate ruffled dress stand out from a pleated jacket.

“I think this is a woman who is confident and looking for optimism in the world,” she said.

Searching for balance

Faithful to the image of the Carolina Herrera brand founded in 1981, its new autumn-winter collection is characterized by precise and stylized silhouettes, enhanced by ruffles on the sleeves and skirts, as well as embroidery.

All the fashion house’s classics are there, including pencil or ruffled skirts and black and white checked suits.

Wes Gordon, the house’s artistic director, however, has left his mark on the colors.

The brand has moved away from basics like black, white and brown to combine blocks of red or navy blue with blacks, pinks, yellows and even florals.

All this was designed to dress a woman who “is not shy, who is powerful, who is confident and loves clothes,” he told AFP.

Gordon said he was looking for a balance between the “drama” of colors and color blocking versus the “precision and discipline of the cut.”

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