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VFiles reinvents VF Runway, VFiles Collection and launches V2 Academy

VFiles, a community and cultural initiative, has reinvented its VFiles Runway and VFiles Collection and launched V2 Academy.

Led by founder Julie Anne Quay and Leonardo Lawson, former president of YZY, the collaboration seeks to introduce a new model of creative expression, commerce and education. The company is financed by private investors. VFiles is based in New York.

“Fashion, music and sport are three global languages ​​that define culture, but they are rarely offered together under the same umbrella. With the newly revamped VFiles Runway program, we see concept stores, e-commerce and, of course, experiences that unite and connect creative talent across disciplines,” said Quay.

The VFiles collection will launch this summer with the “permanent” collection, with more collaborations launching later in the summer. They will be designed by their team in collaboration with famous talents (musicians, athletes and designers), with the permanent collection being the basis.

This summer, VFiles Runway will transform its 12 Mercer Street boutique into a multi-brand store. The store, which has been dormant lately, will feature new designers discovered through VFiles Curation and VFiles Collection. The VFiles collection will launch both in-store and on The plan is to sell wholesale partners this summer, so it will be in those stores over the holidays.

Accompanying this will be the launch of a global e-commerce platform, aimed at supporting designers, musicians, athletes, various emerging global artists and the VFiles Collection. Tying it all together, there will be global experiences both virtual and IRL. This expansion will extend to emerging locations and experiences in key global fashion hubs including Tokyo, Seoul, London, Paris and Berlin.

A VFiles show for fall 2015.

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The last VFiles show was in September 2019. The last VFiles collection was the VFiles Yellow Label for Fall 2018.

The VFiles permanent collection embodies modern design and lifestyle and transforms wardrobe staples into timeless pieces, according to the company.

A percentage of the proceeds from the VFiles collection and the VFiles runway will be dedicated to V2 Academy, which is an educational institution dedicated to nurturing talent in fashion, music and sports and educating them in entrepreneurship and business.

“Joining forces with Julie Anne Quay at VFiles represents a harmonious convergence of my career path: a combination of fashion, education, entertainment, management consulting and retail experience. The components of VFiles Collection, VFiles Runway and V2 Academy work synergistically toward our commitment to cultivating and elevating the cultural leaders of the future,” Lawson said.

Submissions are open for brands to join the VFiles Runway platform with in-person meetings available for select designers on Wednesday in New York. Global applicants can apply until February 29 using the link on On Wednesday, from 6 to 8 pm, VFiles will host a private cocktail party to celebrate the re-release.

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