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Absent wife, Agra man poisons son and mother, then commits suicide: cops

Tarun Chouhan killed his mother and son and then committed suicide, police say


A man allegedly poisoned his mother and 12-year-old son and then committed suicide at his Agra home, police said. Tarun Chouhan’s wife was visiting the Khatu Shyam Ji temple in Sikar, Rajasthan, and now she is returning after being informed about the tragedy.

According to the police, the family’s domestic help came to their house this morning and found Tarun’s body hanging from the ceiling. The bodies of his mother and her son were on the bed. He then informed the neighbors and they called the police.

Police officer Suraj Rai said the family consisted of four members: Tarun Chouhan, his wife, his son and his mother. “His wife left for Khatu Shyam ji temple yesterday. It seems that Tarun first poisoned his son and his mother and then committed suicide. The investigation is on,” he said. The officer said the autopsy report will confirm the cause of death.

The three deaths have spread panic in the residential neighborhood.

Neighbors said Tarun’s mother was unwell for a long time. Amid reports that debt burden could be the reason behind the tragedy, a neighbor said: “We don’t know why he was angry. Tarun had bought a Pepsi dealership some time ago and suffered huge losses. He then sold one part of his “We don’t know what happened now. This will come to light once his wife returns. We would also know if she went alone or he asked her to leave him as part of her plan.”

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