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‘Brutally trolled by Congress supporters’: Pranab Mukherjee’s daughter writes open letter to Rahul Gandhi – News18

Sharmistha Mukherjee, daughter of former president Pranab Mukherjee, on Friday wrote an open letter to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, alleging “cruel trolling” by party leaders and supporters against her and the senior politician in recent days. .

“Since the publication of my book ‘Pranab My Father: A Daughter Remembers’ a month ago, my father and I have been subjected to cruel and continuous trolling by his followers on social media,” Sharmistha wrote in the shared letter in its X handle.

“The book contains some observations about you made in my father’s diaries that are not very complimentary. However, as you seem to be a torchbearer of freedom of expression, you should know that AT involves not only praising someone, but also the ability to tolerate criticism with grace,” he added.

Sharmistha pointed out how Rahul Gandhi “failed miserably” to convince even his followers, who “unleash all their ‘nafrat (hatred)’ against anyone who dares to criticize him.”

“Your favorite slogan, ‘Nafrat ke Bazaar me Mohabbat ki Dukan’, also seems to fall on the deaf ears of your own followers, who unleash all their ‘Nafrat’ on anyone who dares to criticize you,” Sharmistha said.

The author of ‘Pranab My Father: A Daughter Remembers’ narrated an incident that took place a few days ago at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Sharmistha pointed out that she had expressed doubts about Rahul Gandhi’s ability to lead the Congress while he was speaking in an interview a few days ago. on the sidelines of the Jaipur Lit Fest and became the target of “cruel trolling” at the behest of party “supporters”.


“Since then, all hell has broken loose because in the minds of your followers, you and your family are synonymous with Congress without realizing that Congress was and is much bigger than any individual or family. “I and my father, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, who, if you remember, was a senior leader of his party before becoming President of India, have been subjected to cruel trolling by Congress ‘supporters’, at times using the nastiest language,” he said. .

Sharmistha further said, “All limits were crossed yesterday when one of his alleged supporters called Naveen Shahi with the X handle of @Naveen_Kr_Shahi, who is followed by several senior Congress leaders like Pawan Khera, Ajay Maken, Srinivas BV and many other verified handles from INC Social. The media department abused my father, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, and me with such vile language that I feel nauseated even repeating it.”

He also attached screenshots of the tweets made by the handle saying that he reported it to Jairam Ramesh, Supriya Srinate and even Rahul Gandhi, but “did not get any reaction nor does it seem like any action was taken against the person.”

Sharmistha demanded that a police complaint be registered against the person and concluded her letter by saying “prove that your Nyay promise is not just an empty election slogan.”

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