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Budget Session LIVE: Congress ‘insults’ Charan Singh’s legacy, says Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar

Budget session LIVE: Rajya Sabha chairman accuses Congress of ‘insulting’ Charan Singh

Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, Vice President of India, talks to Congress chief and Opposition Leader Mallikarjun Kharge, accusing the party of “insulting” former Prime Minister and new Bharat Ratna awardee Chaudhary Charan Singh .

You (Congress) have practically insulted Chaudhary Charan Singh, you have insulted his legacy. You didn’t have time for Bharat Ratna Chaudhary Charan Singh. He is harming all the farmers of the country by creating such an atmosphere within the House on the issue of Chaudhary Charan Singh. Our heads should be ashamed: Jagdeep Dhankhar

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