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Even Opposition now knows it will be ‘400 pairs’ for NDA: PM Modi | India News – Times of India

JHABUA: Prime Minister Modi on Sunday expressed confidence that the BJP alone will win more than 370 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
In a speech at a rally in the tribal-dominated Jhabua district, Modi said that even the opposition now realizes the mood of the country and its officials have started saying that the BJP led Confidentiality agreement It will get at least 400 seats. “I have also heard that the NDA will win 400 seats in the general elections, but the BJP alone will win more than 370 seats,” Modi said, adding that he is giving a ‘jadi-buti’ (local remedy). people to help achieve this goal.
“Everyone has to do one thing – take out the number of votes that the BJP got in the last three elections and ensure that at least 370 new votes are won for the BJP in the next elections,” he said. Many BJP functionaries in the front row of the public meeting linked the 370-seat target with the Modi government’s achievement of scrapping Article 370.
“In the 2023 assembly elections, the MPs gave leave to the Congress, and in the 2024 general elections, the Congress will be eliminated from the state,” Modi said. “Madhya Pradesh has witnessed two eras – this current era of the twin-engine BJP government and the previous black era of the Congress regime. When the Congress was in office, MPs used to be counted among the ‘Bimaru states’,” he added, adding that “loot and ‘phoot’ (division) are oxygen for the Congress.”
“Congress never cared about its people. She is always worried about her own palace. The Congress was apathetic about developing their areas while we worked hard to fill all the wells they had dug,” Modi said, mentioning the BJP government’s plans to uplift the tribals. “The tribal community is not a vote bank for the BJP. It is the pride of the nation. The tribal community is a guarantee of the bright future of our country, and their respect and development are Modi’s guarantee. It is Modi’s resolve to make all the dreams of tribals come true,” he added.

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