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‘I’m going to punish you’: PM Modi jokes with MPs in Parliament canteen

Prime Minister Modi is seen having lunch with his fellow MPs at the Parliament Canteen

The wine. He ate with them. And, reports suggest, he won them over.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his fellow MPs by surprise when he invited them to have lunch with him at the Parliament canteen.

“Today I am going to punish you, come with me,” the prime minister reportedly told the parliamentarians, mockingly serious.

Rice, daal, khichdi, till ka laddoo They were among the dishes served at the vegetarian lunch.

TDP’s Ram Mohan Naidu, BSP’s Ritesh Pandey, Ladakh BJP MP Jamyang Namgyal, Union Minister L Murugun, BJD’s Sasmit Patra and Maharashtra BJP MP Heena Gavit were among the attendees.

During the 45-minute lunch, MPs from all parties asked about the Prime Minister’s lifestyle, when he wakes up and how he manages such a busy schedule.

“It was a purely informal and cordial meeting with the Prime Minister for lunch in the MPs’ canteen. It was a good gesture,” one of the MPs told NDTV.

“It didn’t feel like we were sitting with the Prime Minister,” said another.

Covering a range of topics, the Prime Minister spoke about his surprise visit to meet Nawaz Sharif, who hopes to form Pakistan’s next government after disputed elections, his foreign tours and the Statue of Unity, among others.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the Abu Dhabi temple, the foundation stone of which he laid in 2018 and which he will visit next week. It is the first Hindu temple project in Abu Dhabi, the prime minister said, underlining India’s soft power.

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