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Karnataka convent school teacher tells students ‘Mahabharat, imaginary Ramayan’, dismissed

So far, no First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against him. (Figurative)


A teacher at a school in Mangaluru, Karnataka, has been sacked following an uproar by a right-wing group over alleged derogatory comments on the Mahabharat, Ramayan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The group, supported by BJP MLA Vedyas Kamath, alleged that a teacher at the coastal city’s St Gerosa English HR Primary School taught students that the Mahabharat and Ramayan were “imaginary”.

They alleged that the teacher also spoke against Prime Minister Modi.

The group alleged that the teacher referred to the 2002 Godhra riots and the Bilkis Bano gangrape case while speaking against Prime Minister Modi. She is trying to “induce feelings of hate in the minds of children,” the group claimed in a complaint.

They also held protests on Saturday, and were joined today by the BJP MLA, demanding the teacher’s suspension.

“If you are going to support that kind of teacher, what has happened to your moral compass? Why do you keep that teacher? The Jesus you worship wants peace. Your sisters are asking our Hindu children not to wear bindis or wear flowers or anklets. They have said that spilling milk on Lord Ram is a waste. If someone insults your beliefs, you will not remain silent,” the BJP MLA said.

The parents claimed that the teacher taught the students of class 7 that Lord Ram was a “mythical creature”.

The Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) investigates the case. The school fired the teacher for the alleged comments.

“St Gerosa School has a history of 60 years and to date no incident like this has occurred. This unfortunate incident has created temporary mistrust between us and our move will help rebuild this trust with your cooperation and we will all work together to improve “. future of our students,” the school said in a letter.

So far, no First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against him.

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