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PM Modi says: ‘I could have presented the White Paper in 2014, but…’: 10 points

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday: “I could have presented the White Paper in 2014… If I had to fulfill my political aspirations, I would have presented those figures before India (in 2014)… It would have suited me politically, but to national level. Politics would not have allowed me to do it.

Prime Minister Modi said, “If I had to satiate my political selfishness, I would have brought it (the White Paper) in 2014. I was shocked by the things that were revealed in front of me. “The economic situation was worse…if I had revealed these things then…the country would have lost all confidence, people would have thought there was no way to escape.”

“I left the path of politics (rajneeti in Hindi) and chose the path of national politics (Rashtra Neeti),” he aggregate. The White Paper, which compares 10 years of economic management by the Congress-led UPA government with that of the Modi government, was tabled in Parliament on Thursday.

The Prime Minister spoke at a business summit on Friday. Here are the top five quotes from Prime Minister Modi’s speech:

1. “The theme of this year’s global business summit is disruption development and diversification. In today’s era, these are the most talked about words… This is India’s moment. The confidence of the entire world in India is increasing day by day… A lot of enthusiasm for India could also be seen in Davos…”

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2. “There is a debate among think tanks that India has transformed in 10 years… this shows how much the world believes in India… there is a positive feeling about India…This is the time when our growth rate increases continuously and the fiscal deficit is reduced. “This is the time when our exports are increasing and the current account deficit is reducing…inflation is under control.”

3. “You will see Some first principles of our general policy. — which are stability, coherence and continuity. This budget was an extension of these principles…”

4. “We established a balance between four main factors — record productive expenditure in the form of capital expenditure, unprecedented investment in welfare schemes, wastage control and financial discipline… Today people are wondering how we achieve objectives in these four spheres. One of the main factors has been the matra of ‘money saved is money earned’‘.”

5. “Our governance model advances in two streams simultaneously. On the one hand, we are addressing the challenges we inherited from the 20th century. On the other hand, we are also busy fulfilling the aspirations of the 21st century… facing greater challenges and achieving greater goals…”

6. “I want to secure the future of the next generation before I leave. I stay away from politics where the coffer is emptied for four extra votes. That is why in our decisions we have given the greatest importance to financial management… the attitude of some parties towards electricity is such that it can lead to the destruction of the country’s electrical system. My approach is different…”

7. “For years, debates to find formulas to eliminate poverty took place in air-conditioned rooms. The poor remained poor, but after 2014, when a poor man’s son became prime minister, the industry that functioned in the name of poverty was torn down. We have come this far from poverty and therefore I know how to fight poverty.. In the last 10 years, 25 crores “People escaped poverty.”

8. “In our third term, India will become the third country in terms of economy…In the third term, there will be more important decisions…”

9. “I have been preparing new plans for the last year and a half, to give a new direction to the development of India…I’ve been making a road map. I followed the advice of more than 15 lakh people in different ways…work is on and in next 20-30 days we will get a final picture…”

10. “How do you set goals for your organization? What is the definition of success? Many would say they would set the goal compared to where they were last year… 5-10% growth is considered good . I would say this is the curse of incremental thinking. This is wrong because you are limiting yourself.…I decided to work on a larger scale compared to what previous governments were working on…

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