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Scathing attack on Modi and INDI alliance for Lok Sabha polls: This is all Kharge said in Punjab; Navjot Sidhu disappears again

All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday said the decision to contest the Lok Sabha elections under the INDIA bloc was taken in the “larger interest of the country” and “not “It was just about Punjab.”

Addressing the first Punjab Congress Workers’ Convention in Samrala, Ludhiana, Kharge said that while in some states the alliance was making positive progress, in others it was not working. “But we have to fight, we have to fight alone, until the end and win. It doesn’t matter who joins us and who doesn’t. The decision to have an INDI alliance has been taken for the entire country, it is not just about Punjab…” Kharge said, addressing the party workers. Kharge said the aim was to scrap the BJP-led government at the Center for the “betterment of the country”.

While Kharge’s speech offered little clarity on the status of the alliance with the AAP in Punjab, state Congress president Amrinder Singh Raja Warring clearly announced that “the AAP would face a crushing defeat in all 13 seats in Punjab at the hands of of Congress” in the coming decades. Lok Sabha Elections. A day earlier on Saturday, AAP national coordinator Arvind Kejriwal, at a rally in Khanna, also did not mince his words and announced that the party would contest all 13 seats in Punjab and one in Chandigarh on its own without any alliance .

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Navjot Sidhu once again stayed away from the official Congress program and did not attend the convention. However, earlier in a post on X, he welcomed Kharge to Punjab. Later, in another post on political appointments), while the rest was monopolized by family members and relatives of MLAs.

As a chair with Sidhu’s name was placed on the stage, sources close to him said that he was unhappy that he had not received a proper invitation to the convention.

However, Sidhu’s close aides including former PPCC presidents Lal Singh and Shamsher Singh Dullo and former CM Rajinder Kaur Bhattal were very much present and sat on the stage.

festive offer

A senior party leader, seeing that Sidhu had not been “invited”, said: “If a chair was kept on the stage with his name on it, it clearly means that we were waiting for him. Were you expecting an invitation card and a box of candy? It was a workers’ convention where every MP, MLA and former MLA had to come with their workers and block presidents, but not Sidhu. Why did he need a formal invitation if he considers himself a loyal soldier of the party.”

Invoking Guru Nanak, Kharge said: “It was Guru Nanak who gave us the word “Hindustan” and called for unity. We have to keep alive that Hindustan where there is no discrimination.”

He also launched a scathing attack on Modi and BJP during his speech. He said Modi has wiped out the kisan (farmers) and jawan (soldiers) of Punjab in the ten years of BJP-led government at the Centre. Kharge said Punjab was the only state in the country where late chief minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s motto, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, fits best. “In some states there is kisan but no jawan and vice versa, but Punjab has given the country both kisan and jawan. It is unfortunate that the Modi government has done away with both,” Kharge said.

Kharge also said that even as the Modi government announced the repeal of three black farm laws after the Punjab farmers’ protests, the notification has not been issued so far.
“If Congress comes to power, we will issue that notification,” Kharge said. He further said that Modi has just made the announcement of repealing the black laws to end the farmers’ protest in Delhi, but there has been no confirmation in this regard so far.

Kharge also announced that the Congress would fully support the “Delhi Chalo” protest march of the farmers, who would reach the capital again on February 13 to fight for their rights. “Congress leaders at all levels will be in touch with farmers and support them in every way,” he said.

Kharge also said that the Modi government, which only works for “corporations” and “not the poor”, has destroyed the country’s farmers by not meeting their demands, such as not providing the Minimum Support Price (MSP). and the lack of a law in this regard. impose heavy taxes on farmers and even call them terrorists. Kharge accused Modi of calling farmers “terrorists” for protesting for their rights and said, “Does that person who calls farmers “terrorists” just because they are protesting for their rights deserve to be elected?”

Kharge further said that the Modi government wiped out the country’s soldiers by bringing in the Agniveer scheme. “What young people want is regular and permanent recruitment into the army, not Agniveer. What will they do after four years?,” Kharge said, adding that people must expel the BJP if they want regular recruitments in the army to resume.

Nehru is back in focus

Giving credit to the country’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru for establishing the Bhakhra Nangal Dam, Kharge said the Congress and Nehru did a lot for the farmers. “But the only thing Modi and his party know is to insult him every day. They (BJP) had not even supported Mahatma Gandhi when he started the anti-British movement, so what else can you expect from them?” Kharge said, adding that it was thanks to the Congress that Punjab farmers got the Agricultural University of Punjab (PAU) in Ludhiana. .

“Was it Modi who made Bhakhra-Nangal? Was it Modi who made the PAU? And then they ask what Congress did in 70 years. We made the Green Revolution, the White Revolution. Our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh promoted small and medium industries in Ludhiana. Sonia Gandhi gave the country the National Food Security Act,” Kharge said.

In an advice to Warring, Kharge said he should follow Nehru’s words and go door to door. “We can win these elections only if we go among the people.”

Invoke Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh

Kharge said BR Ambedkar had once said that “if a person starts being worshiped in a democracy, he becomes a dictator.” “Singing Modi, Modi will not get food for the poor,” he said, adding that only the Congress Party has worked to make India the country Bhagat Singh had dreamed of.

In an advice to Warring, Kharge said he should follow Nehru’s words and go door to door. “We can win these elections only if we approach the people, talk to them and listen to their problems. These types of conventions will continue to happen. The key is to be among the people.”

AAP is sinking ship, must be prepared for crushing defeat: Punjab leaders

From former chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi to state party president Warring, everyone said in unison that the Congress would make the AAP face a crushing defeat in all 13 seats in the Lok Sabha polls.

“The AAP is a sinking ship. “Who would even want to ally with them?” Channi said.

Opposition leader Partap Singh Bajwa said the AAP used all state machinery, including government buses and fuel, to gather crowds at the Khanna rally. He said it was not Bhagwant Mann but “the gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and the Jaggu Bhagwanpuria government” in Punjab, where “no one was safe and no rule of law remained”.

“Please compete alone. You will be alone forever,” Bajwa told AAP. Furthermore, he urged Kharge to promise that if the Congress forms the government at the Centre, Punjab’s borders would be opened for trade.

Meanwhile, Warring said, “We are going to crush the AAP in all 13 seats, mark my words. SAD-BJP will also suffer the same fate. Nishchay kar apni jeet karo,” Warring said.

The only Congress MP who missed the convention was Ravneet Singh Bittu from Ludhiana. In a post on Facebook, he said that he was busy with a religious program in Mansa.

empty chairs

While Punjab Congress leaders claimed there were “overwhelming crowds” at the rally, a large number of workers started leaving the venue in the middle of Kharge’s speech, leaving the chairs empty.

Posting the video of the empty chairs at Such a massive participation…”

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