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Triple Talaq, Article 370 and Nyaya Sanhita: PM Modi cites his govt’s achievements as he concludes 17th LS | Top Quotes – News18

Last update: February 10, 2024, 19:37 IST

The Prime Minister, in his speech, presented a comprehensive list of decisions, policies and laws introduced by his government and pointed out that the productivity in the 17th Lok Sabha was almost 97%.(Image/ANI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 17th Lok Sabha on the last day of its Budget session and said, “These five years were about “reform, act and transform” in the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in the Lok Sabha on Saturday on the last day of the Budget session and highlighted the “reforms and transformations” that have taken place in the country in the last five years.

The Prime Minister, in his speech, presented a comprehensive list of decisions, policies and laws introduced by his government and noted that the “productivity in the 17th Lok Sabha was almost 97%”.

The prime minister highlighted several decisions “that have been awaited for a long time by many generations”, including the abrogation of Article 370 that gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Budget session of Parliament was extended by one day to Saturday (February 10) to address “important government matters”. The session, which began on January 31, was scheduled to end on February 9.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s top quotes on the last day of the budget session

  • The prime minister said the last five years were years of “reform and action”.
  • “These five years were of reform, action and transformation of the country. Both reform and performance are rarely carried out and we can see the transformation in front of our eyes… The country is experiencing this through the 17th Lok Sabha and I strongly believe that the country will continue to bless the 17th Lok Sabha,” he said .
  • Prime Minister Modi praised Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for guiding the House in a “balanced and impartial manner” on numerous occasions.
  • “…You were always smiling. Your smile never faded. You have guided this House in a balanced and impartial manner in a number of cases, for which I thank you. There were moments of anger and accusations, but you controlled the situation patiently, led the House and guided us. I express my gratitude for this,” he said.
  • The Prime Minister spoke more about the new Parliament building and said that everyone discussed it but there was no result.
  • “Everyone used to argue that there should be a new Parliament building. But no decision was made. It was his (Lok Sabha Speaker) leadership that decided this and also future matters, held meetings with the government and as a result the country received this new Parliament building,” he said.
  • Prime Minister Modi also expressed his pride over India’s successful presidency of the G20 event and said, “India was given the opportunity of the G20 presidency. India received a great honor. Every state of the country showcased India’s capability and its own identity before the world. His impact continues in the minds of the world even to this day.”
  • Highlighting the developments and reforms in Jammu and Kashmir under the BJP government, the Prime Minister said, “People of Jammu and Kashmir lacked social justice. Today, we are pleased to have brought social justice to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in line with our commitment to social justice. Terrorism had become a thorn that shot bullets into the chest of the country… We created strict laws against terrorism. I firmly believe that people who suffer from problems like this will receive strength like this.”
  • “The productivity in the 17th Lok Sabha was almost 97%. We hope to have more productivity in the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha,” he added.
  • Prime Minister Modi further highlighted that this 17th Lok Sabha saw the repeal of Article 370 and removal of ‘triple talaq’.
  • “During the tenure of this Lok Sabha, several decisions were taken that many generations have been waiting for for a long time. Article 370 was also repealed during the tenure of this Lok Sabha… I feel that those who framed the Constitution would bless us for this,” he said.
  • “We all saw what women faced because of triple talaq… it was this 17th Lok Sabha that got rid of it and gave justice to women,” PM Modi added.
  • The Prime Minister also said: “For 75 years we lived with the Penal Code dictated by the British. To the new generation we can proudly say that the country may have lived under the Penal Code for 75 years, but the next generation will live with Nyaya Sanhita. This is true democracy.”
  • Prime Minister Modi further emphasized that “the next 25 years are very important for our country.”

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