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Triple Talaq, Article 370: Prime Minister on major reforms of 17th Lok Sabha

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a special speech in Parliament this afternoon – his last before the general elections – said the 17th Lok Sabha “achieved what generations had hoped for”.

Addressing the 17th Lok Sabha on the last day of its last session, he said, “These five years were about reforming, acting and transforming the country… Many game-changing reforms took place during this year.”

The country is “moving towards a change”, Prime Minister Modi said, citing multiple issues such as scrapping of Article 370 and penalizing Triple Talaq for hosting the prestigious G20 meeting.

The long list, which also included as the government’s achievements the data protection bill, strict laws to combat terrorism, removal of obsolete laws and the women’s reservation bill, began with the new parliament building and the opening of the parliament library to the public.

“Everyone said we need a new building. Everyone wanted it, but there was never a decision on it. We decided and thanks to that today we are sitting in the new Parliament,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He also spoke of the attention given to marginalized people, including transgender people, of whom 17,000 “received identity documents.” “We gave Padma awards to transgender people,” she added.

Referring to the Covid pandemic, Prime Minister Modi said that over the last five years we have experienced the “biggest crisis of the century” and President Om Birla has taken measures so that parliamentary work is not hampered while ensuring dignity of the camera.

The climax, however, was the scrapping of Article 370 that gave Jammu and Kashmir its special status.

“Many generations dreamed of a constitution, but this house repealed Article 370. The people who played a role in creating the constitution must be blessing us today. The people of Kashmir were far from social justice. Today, we are taking it to them” , said. .

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