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Video: Manipur students playing football near the hill are shot and hidden in bushes

Students take shelter near a stream amid gunfire near a hill in Manipur

Imphal/New Delhi:

The crack and whirr of bullets cut through the quiet afternoon. Some students from the school took shelter along a line of trees behind a stream. In a video, in which the sound of rapid gunshots is heard, one of them is heard telling his friends: “That was very close.”

The incident occurred on a day when Manipur reported gunfights in many areas between rival armed groups, calling themselves “village defense volunteers”, amid ethnic tensions between the hill-majority Kuki-Zo tribes, and the Meiteis, the majority in the valley.

The students in the video said they were playing football in a field near the Pukhao Hills when they first heard the whirring of bullets flying near them, followed by the crackling of bullets as the bullets got closer each time. once again.

Pukhao in Imphal East is 15 kilometers from Khamenlok, a village under the hilly Senapati district, which has witnessed intense violence in the last nine months. The topography here is dense with regions of valleys and hills.

One man dead and one army officer injured

A 25-year-old man was killed in a shootout between two armed groups in Pukhao, police said today. An army officer was injured while approaching an area on the outskirts of Imphal East district from where gunfire was reported, police said.

“The junior officer was airlifted to a military hospital in Leimakhong. He is out of danger,” a police officer said.

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