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‘We were with you, but you threw us out’: Uddhav Thackeray analyzes the PM’s visits to Maharashtra | TOI Original – Times of India Videos

February 5, 2024, 09:17 pm ISTFountain: TOI.en

Shiv Sena (UBT) president and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday claimed that he never considered Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an enemy in the past, nor does he perceive him as such today. Thackeray emphasized that it was his decision to sever ties with the Sena. He took a swipe at Modi, suggesting that the Prime Minister’s recent visits to Maharashtra seemed more focused on assessing what could be transferred to Gujarat. Addressing Modi, Thackeray said: “I want to convey to Modiji that we were never his adversaries. Even now, We are not enemies. We stood by him. The Shiv Sena supported him, campaigned for our alliance last time and contributed to became Prime Minister with elected MPs like Vinayak Raut. However, later, he distanced himself from us. Our commitment to Hindutva and the saffron flag remains unwavering. Unfortunately, today, the BJP seems determined to undermine that saffron flag.”

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