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5 simple and nutritious foods to increase productivity and keep you energized during office hours

Maintaining high productivity at work is not just about efficient planning and execution but also about a structured and healthy diet that can properly fuel your body and keep you energized for long hours. Eating processed foods and high-calorie sugary treats may provide a temporary high, but can lead to a dip in energy later in life. Not thinking enough about what you eat in a day can drain your energy and decrease your productivity. There is no shortage of healthy, easy-to-prepare snacks that can help you stay focused and give you sustained energy. Ideal workplace snacks should include probiotics, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to nourish the body. (Also Read | Office Interior Decorating Tips: 4 Top Color Palette Trends to Enhance Your Workplace Design)

From hydrating buttermilk to boosting energy from bananas, discover how these easy, nutritious options can transform your workday (Freepik)

“Balancing a busy 9 to 5 lifestyle can often lead to neglected meals and compromised health. Don’t let a busy schedule sap your energy. Start your day with the right fuel for maximum productivity. From hydrating your buttermilk to the energy boost of bananas, discover how these easy, nutritious options can transform your workday,” writes nutritionist Lovneet Batra in her recent Instagram post.


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Batra shares a list of healthy foods that you can chew or consume when hunger strikes.

1. buttermilk

When to take it: Mid-morning, around 10-11 am

Benefits and Nutrients: Whey, a natural probiotic rich in whey protein, keeps energy levels high and stable, satisfies hunger and promotes optimal hydration.

Why it works: Buttermilk helps counteract dehydration that is often neglected during busy work hours.

2. Mint tea

When to take it: after lunch, to avoid the afternoon slump.

Benefits and nutrients: Mint tea promotes digestion and combats acidity, which can be aggravated by excessive consumption of tea or coffee.

Why it works: Peppermint tea provides a refreshing boost and supports gut health, which is crucial for maintaining focus and preventing discomfort.

3. Banana

When to take: Mid-morning or as a snack

Benefits and nutrients: Banana maintains mental alertness and physical energy. It is full of potassium and natural sugars.

Why it works: Delivers a quick, nutritious energy boost without crashes, supporting sustained focus and performance.

4. Roasted Chaná

When to take: Perfect for mid-afternoon or as a snack before lunch.

Benefits and nutrients: Roasted chana, rich in fiber and protein, promotes sustained levels of energy and satiety.

Why it works: A healthy, crunchy snack that keeps you full, stabilizes blood sugar, and prevents overeating.

5. Pistachios

When to take it: Ideal for a late afternoon snack.

Benefits and Nutrients: Loaded with healthy fats, proteins, and antioxidants, pistachios support heart health and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Why it works: A guilt-free treat that satisfies your hunger while providing essential nutrients for long-term health.

Incorporate these foods into your 9-to-5 lifestyle to improve energy, focus, and overall health. Remember that small changes can have significant benefits in how you feel and perform at work, adds Batra.

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