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63 inmates in Lucknow jail test HIV positive in alarming rise

Prison officials say there have been no deaths due to HIV infection in the past five years.


At least 36 inmates of Lucknow district jail tested positive in health tests conducted in December 2023. The total count of HIV-infected inmates in the jail now stands at 63, the jail administration said.

Prison authorities cited the lack of availability of HIV testing kits since September as the reason behind the delay in the tests, which were finally carried out in December.

According to authorities, the majority of infected inmates are people with a history of drug addiction. The administration claims these prisoners were exposed to the virus through the use of contaminated syringes outside of prison facilities. Prison authorities have stated that no prisoners have contracted HIV after entering prison.

To address the situation, all HIV positive inmates are now receiving regular treatment at a hospital in Lucknow. The prison administration remains alert and closely monitors the health of infected prisoners.

Despite the alarming figures, the administration has assured that there have been no fatalities due to HIV infection in the last five years. All infected inmates are reportedly working towards their well-being and containing the virus within the prison walls.

The large number of inmates infected with the virus has raised concerns over the overall health and safety conditions in the Lucknow district jail. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the source of the virus and review existing health protocols to prevent further spread among the prison population.

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