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Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Here’s how to plan a healthy but memorable celebration

Guilty pleasures and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand for many young people, but if you have fitness as your New Year’s resolution, you shouldn’t mix the two. You don’t have to ruin the fun part of the day either. Instead, plan a guilt-free, yet thoughtful, smart, and personalized V-Day celebration that fills your heart, improves your health, and is easy on your wallet, too. Here’s how to do it:

Start your day with a walk
Whether you’re single or in a relationship, nothing can give you that natural boost of morning endorphins like a relaxed, stress-free walk enjoying the fresh air and nature at its finest. While it may help couples bond and start the day on a positive note, who knows, singles and those ready to socialize may meet like-minded, health-conscious people that day! If you don’t, the walk will improve your mood, your self-esteem, and help you enjoy the rest of the day!

The gift of health.
Instead of gifting roses, chocolates and everything unhealthy, why not gift your loved one something that will motivate them to stay fit? It can be anything from a sports watch or home gym equipment to a quality skin care kit or juicer. Let your gift live on after V-Day, reminding your partner of your love and care.

prepare a meal together
Cooking can be a love language this V-Day if you prepare a romantic, restaurant-worthy but healthy meal with your date. It can be something simple like a hearty salad, a homemade cake, a tasty soup, a classic omelet, or even grilled chicken or fish. Top off your feast with some sweets and the experience can be satisfying on every level.

Say yes to dry dates
Yes, you can also enjoy the day with some low-calorie, heart-friendly love potions, leaving alcohol aside. Here are some recipes. And what is more? You can safely try a second or third round of these delicious drinks without worrying about a hangover or weight gain.

You can safely opt for a second or third round with non-alcoholic drinks on V-Day. Photo: Shutterstock/galsand

Engage in safe sex
There may never be a better time to enjoy sex, but be sure to take some much-needed precautions. Use barrier methods that you feel comfortable with to stay away from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. They will also help you avoid unwanted pregnancies. As a responsible adult, you can also get checked to see if you already suffer from any of these infections. Also, make sure you prioritize your mental health more than celebrating a day, and make the decisions that are best for you. Making sure your sexual devices are clean can also help you avoid future health problems.

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