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Thyroid Symptoms: Top 10 Subtle Signs of Thyroid Disorders AND

Do you suffer from thyroid problems? Here are the 10 subtle signs and symptoms that could indicate the onset of the condition.

Thyroid problems Unfortunately, they are proliferating and affecting a colossal number of people around the world. What makes it formidable are its misleading symptoms that often go unnoticed or are confused with other conditions. Plucking signs of thyroid problems From the beginning it is vital to guide health in the right direction. In this discussion, we will focus on the barely noticeable signs of thyroid irregularities and how to spot them.

In this article, Dr. Vahid S. Bharmal, Consultant, Pediatric and Adult Endocrinologist, Bhaial Amin General Hospitaltells us more about the problems associated with the thyroid glands and what signs and symptoms may appear when a person suffers from thyroid disorders.

What is the job of the thyroid glands?

Before we delve into the indicators of thyroid problems, we need to understand the role of the thyroid gland. The small, butterfly-shaped thyroid gland, which resides in the front of the neck, does a crucial job. It produces vital hormones for our metabolism, growth and development. If you stray, you can open Pandora’s box of health problems.

Recognize subtle signs of thyroid disorders to improve health

Most thyroid disorders are hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Both can have subtle signs and symptoms such as:

  1. easy fatigue
  2. Body ache
  3. Skin dryness
  4. Preserve
  5. Weight gain/loss and
  6. Decreased or increased appetite.
  7. Loss of red blood cells.
  8. abnormal heart rate
  9. Depression
  10. Abnormal chest pain

It is important to recognize these symptoms and signs in time.

Understanding thyroid problems

Undiagnosed thyroid disorders can affect any system in the body. It can cause arrhythmias, heart failure, increased risk of heart attack, dementia, depressive or psychotic illnesses, muscle weakness (myopathy), mental retardation, growth retardation, anemia, infertility, abortion, etc.

As mentioned, in the initial stage of thyroid disorder, the signs and symptoms are subtle and thyroid disorder can affect any system in the body. For example, subclinical hypothyroidism can increase the risk of heart attack. Subclinical hyperthyroidism may increase the risk of arrhythmia. Therefore, it is important to diagnose thyroid disorder at an early stage so that treatment can be started at the right time and avoid such consequences. Therefore, it is very necessary to diagnose thyroid disorder early and perform screening tests. Whenever there are subtle signs and symptoms, thyroid function tests (S. TSH, S. T4, S. T3) are necessary. If there are no symptoms, then thyroid function can be checked by planning pregnancy, any major surgery, having family history of thyroid disease, having other problems like diabetes, lipid disorder, etc.

Lifestyle changes to control thyroid problems

Lifestyle factors can influence thyroid disorders. Some studies have shown that higher consumption of processed foods increases the risk of subclinical hypothyroidism. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet to decrease the risk of thyroid disease. It is necessary to take a normal amount of iodized salt. Excess iodine can aggravate thyroid disorder. Smoking should be avoided as it increases the risk of hyperthyroidism and thyroid-related eye diseases.

The general public should be aware of thyroid disorders, the consequences of thyroid disorders, when to spot them, and who they can consult. Health talks by experts, media articles, and organizing camps on specific thyroid disorders are ways to increase awareness of thyroid diseases. Thyroid disorders are very common. About 1 in 10 people have thyroid disease. So, to increase awareness related to thyroid disorders and educate people, May 25th every year is celebrated as World Thyroid Day. On that day, various organizations and hospitals can carry out many activities, as mentioned above.

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