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Ultimate Guide to Sexual Stamina: 5 Tips to Last Longer in Bed, How Supplements Can Increase Time

While a healthy diet and exercise are crucial for overall well-being, sexual health can be influenced by several external factors, so recognizing and addressing these factors can help people overcome sexual health challenges and improve their quality. of life in general. Sexual well-being is an essential aspect of general health and well-being in both sexes, but while having a good diet and nutrition helps improve physical health, there are other factors such as stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices. life such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs. Use, environmental variables such as air pollution, exposure to hazardous chemicals, water contamination, and certain medications can impact an individual’s sexual well-being.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Anjalika Atrey, Consultant Sexologist Psychiatrist and De-Addiction Specialist at Fast&Up, shared that when it comes to intimacy, sexual stamina plays a vital role in ensuring a satisfying experience for both partners. She recommended –

1. Regular exercise: Performing physical activity stimulates blood circulation and improves cardiovascular health, which contributes to better stamina in bed.

2. Communication: Openly discussing desires and preferences with your partner can lead to a deeper connection and a more satisfying sexual experience.

3. Foreplay: Incorporating plenty of foreplay not only increases arousal but also helps delay ejaculation, allowing for longer-lasting pleasure.

4. Relaxation techniques: Practicing relaxation methods such as deep breathing or meditation can relieve performance anxiety and promote a more relaxed state of mind during intimate moments.

5. Healthy lifestyle: Maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption or smoking can significantly affect sexual stamina.

She revealed: “In addition to these tips, certain supplements such as L-arginine, ginseng and maca root are known to improve sexual performance by increasing blood flow and improving libido. However, it is essential to consult with a sexologist before incorporating any supplements into your routine, as they may interact with existing medications or have possible side effects. While supplements can complement efforts to increase sexual stamina, it is crucial to combine them with healthy lifestyle habits and communication with your partner to have a truly satisfying and long-lasting experience in bed.”

Lending his expertise to the same topic, Dr. Prabhojit Mohanty, psychiatrist, sexologist and addiction specialist, suggested five tips to last longer in bed and highlighted how supplements can increase the time.

Tip #1: Exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Exercising regularly and getting enough sleep not only improves your physical health, it can also help with stamina in the bedroom. Make sure you prioritize both activities in your daily routine.

Tip #2: Eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Both alcohol and caffeine can have a negative impact on sexual stamina. Alcohol is a depressant that can reduce testosterone levels and increase fatigue, while caffeine is a stimulant that can cause increased anxiety and stress, both of which can negatively impact endurance.

Tip #3: Eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates is essential for maintaining optimal sexual stamina. Try to avoid overly processed and sugary foods as they can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can have a negative impact on sexual stamina.

Tip #4: Take the right supplements. Certain supplements have a positive effect on sexual stamina. Some examples include vitamin E, zinc, L-arginine, brahmi, and maca. These supplements can help improve the balance of hormones in the body, making it easier for men to achieve and maintain an erection.

Tip #5: Talk to your partner. Communication is essential for healthy relationships, even in the bedroom. Talking to your partner about their needs and preferences can help you know how to best meet them. It can also help create a safe environment where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself freely and being honest about your needs. This can help improve your overall communication and improve long-term sexual stamina.

Ultimate Guide to Sexual Stamina: 5 Tips to Last Longer in Bed, How Supplements Can Increase Time (Photo by Cătălin Dumitrașcu on Unsplash)

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