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An asteroid the size of a plane will pass near Earth, NASA reveals; Check speed, size and more

With the help of its advanced technology, NASA has shed light on an asteroid that is expected to pass by Earth today, February 13. It is one of many space rocks that will pass by the planet, and some have already done so, in recent weeks. While these asteroids can sometimes come even closer to Earth than the Moon, most of them pose no threat and pass by in relative safety. Still, space agencies continue to monitor their orbits for possible collision scenarios. Learn all about the close encounter with the asteroid today.

Asteroid 2024 CB1: Details

Asteroid 2024 CB1 is expected to pass close to Earth at a distance of just 1.4 million kilometers and at a speed of 63,174 kilometers per hour, almost as fast as a space shuttle! It is important to note that while it has been called a near-Earth asteroid due to its short passing distance, it is not expected to impact the planet.

It belongs to the Apollo group of near-Earth asteroids, which are Earth-crossing space rocks with semimajor axes larger than those of Earth. These asteroids are named after the massive Apollo asteroid of 1862, discovered by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth in the 1930s.

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How big is the asteroid?

NASA has not designated asteroid 2024 CB1 as a potentially hazardous asteroid. Only celestial objects larger than 492 feet that pass Earth at a distance of less than 7.5 million kilometers are so designated, and asteroid 2024 CB1 meets none of these requirements. In terms of size, asteroid 2024 CB1 is almost 160 feet wide, making it almost as big as an airplane!

According to NASA, this will not be the first close approach of asteroid 2024 CB1 to Earth. The first time it approached the planet was on January 28, 1905, when it passed at a distance of approximately 51 million kilometers. After today, it will pass by Earth again on July 10, 2025, at almost 62 million kilometers.

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