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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Breakthrough: Scientists find clues to Earth’s origins in rare asteroid fragments that exploded over Germany – Science News

Scientists finally confirmed the idea that the mysterious asteroid exploded over Germany on January 21. reports say it was a rare guy who may help understand the origins of Earth. Just five days later they found fragments of asteroid 2024 BX1, possibly from the rare category of aubrite.

According to SETI Institute meteorite scientist Peter Jenniskens, only 11 aubrite meteorites previously fell to Earth. These meteorites probably originated on the inner side of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Jenniskens noted, “That’s a place where there’s probably a lot of debris, a collision that created a lot of smaller pieces called the asteroid family.”

The report explains that asteroids like 2024 BX1 were formed about 4.5 billion years ago, similar to the planets in our solar system, from material left over during the formation of the planets. Aubrites, which share characteristics with Earth, include water ratios and chemical ratios.

The detected size of BX1 was small, possibly one of the smallest space rocks ever detected before hitting Earth.

In other reports, Earth experienced a series of asteroid flybys starting on January 29. An asteroid, the size of a FIFA-accredited stadium, approached on February 2, at a distance of 1.77 million miles, relatively close in cosmic terms. The largest, asteroid 2008 OS7, was first seen by NASA in 2008.

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