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ESA’s ERS-2: a pioneer’s last trip back to Earth

After 16 years of dedicated service, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) second European remote sensing satellite, ERS-2, is preparing to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere, marking the end of a remarkable mission that transformed our understanding of our planet and climate change.

Launched in 1995, the ERS-2, along with its predecessor the ERS-1, was a technological marvel at its time. These Earth observation satellites were equipped with instruments, including an imaging synthetic aperture radar, a radar altimeter, and other powerful sensors that measured ocean surface temperature, offshore winds, and atmospheric ozone.

Throughout its mission, ERS-2 played a critical role in collecting crucial data on Earth’s polar ice, changes in land surfaces, sea level rise, ocean warming, and chemistry. atmospheric. It also served as a watchful eye, monitoring natural disasters such as severe floods and earthquakes in remote parts of the world.

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