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‘Beating Pakistan is in my blood’: India pacer Mohammed Shami dismisses ‘Sajdah controversy’ during ODI World Cup

Mohammed Shami will never tire of taking on Pakistan, be it on the cricket field or on social media. The India pacer, who enjoys a fairly good record against Pakistan, has often found himself in the middle of a social media whirlwind during the high-profile clash. But Shami enjoys that. Bringing out the best in Pakistan is in the blood, he says. “Woh toh khoon mein hai (It’s in my blood)”, Shami said when the host said: “Sabse zyada toh aap Pakistan ko dhote hain (You tend to hit Pakistan more) in a news video18.

Mohammed Shami (PTI) of India

Shami had an excellent ODI World Cup for India, finishing as the tournament’s top run-getter despite not playing the first four matches. The right-arm pacer was almost unplayable as India’s first-over bowler, taking 24 wickets (the most by an Indian in a single World Cup) in just 7 outings. He also became India’s all-time highest wicket-taker in World Cups with 55 scalps to his name.

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But with success came unusual criticism and scrutiny. Former Pakistan player Hasan Raza claimed that Shami and the other Indian players were manipulating the ball to get more swing during the World Cup.

Shami, who is currently out of the Indian team due to an ankle injury, said he would never understand why people are jealous of others’ success.

“They have made cricket a joke because we don’t enjoy the success of others. You get very happy when you are praised, but when you lose, you feel like you have been cheated. You look at the records of the time we have had.” been part of the team, you won’t even find them around. Jalan toh puri dikhti hai wo. Itna jalane se kon se results mil jaane hain (Jealousy is obvious. You can never get good results with this amount of jealousy,” he said.

Shami denied Sajdah controversy during the World Cup

Fans, mostly from Pakistan, also said that Shami wanted to make Sajdah after taking a wicket during a World Cup match against Sri Lanka, but pulled out at the last moment thinking about the reaction.

“There were people who said I wanted to do Sajdah, but I didn’t do it. Some people criticized the country, others my caste. Jinke dimaag mai jo keeda tha wo ball (Whatever nonsense they had to mutter, they did.) Instead of appreciating my bowling, people highlighted that controversy,” Shami said.

Revealing the real reason why he took a knee after dismissing Sri Lanka batsman Kasun Rajitha, Shami urged fans not to spread “annoyance”.

“I think I was bowling a fifth over in a row, and I was bowling with an effort beyond my ability. I was tired. The ball hit the boundary very often, so when I finally got the fifth wicket, I took a knee. Someone pushed me, so I moved forward a little. That photo circulated widely on social media. People thought I wanted to do Sajdah but it didn’t happen that way. I only have one piece of advice for them: please stop bothering.

First of all, mai kisise nahi darta iss cheez se (I am not afraid of anyone when it comes to this),” Shami said. “I am Muslim and I have said it before: I am proud to be one. And I am also a proud Indian. For me the country comes first. If these things bother anyone, I don’t care. I live happily and represent my country, nothing matters more to me. As for the controversies, to those who only live to play these games on social media, I don’t care. As far as Sajdah is concerned, if she wanted to do it, she would have done it. “It shouldn’t worry anyone else.”

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