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Fabian Allen robbed at gunpoint on the sidelines of SA20


The incident took place in Johannesburg, where the West Indian cricketer is traveling to represent the Paarl Royals franchise © SA20

West Indies international cricketer Fabian Allen was recently the victim of a harrowing robbery incident at gunpoint in Johannesburg. The 28-year-old Jamaican all-rounder, who currently represents the Paarl Royals franchise in the SA20 league, was attacked outside the team’s hotel, leaving the cricketer shaken.

The attackers, armed with a gun, confronted Allen near the famous Sandton Sun Hotel and forcibly took away his phone and personal belongings, including a bag. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of players participating in the SA20.

Multiple sources connected to the Paarl Royals team, SA20 and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have confirmed the incident. A CWI source acknowledged the situation and assured that Allen is unharmed. Additionally, a West Indies board representative expressed relief after establishing contact with the player.

“Our head coach, Andre Coley, also a native of Jamaica, approached Fabian. Contact was successfully established through Obed McCoy (another West Indies international). He is fine. CSA (Cricket South Africa) and his team , Paarl Royals, could share more details, if any,” said a senior CIT official Cricbuzz.

Despite attempts to obtain information, queries directed to Paarl Royals management went unanswered. A spokesperson for the SA20 league, while not denying the incident, redirected queries to a police officer who, at the time of publication, had no immediate information. The player himself could not be reached for comment.

This incident marks the second occurrence of a security-related episode involving SA20 players in recent times. It is the second season of the league, which has reached the play-off stage. Paarl Royals will play the Playoff on February 7 after Qualifier 1 later that night. The final will be played on February 10.

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