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Former India star wants Ranji trophy scrapped and goes on explosive rant on social media | cricket news

File photo by Manoj Tiwary

The Ranji Trophy remains India’s premier first-class cricket tournament, a platform for budding cricketers to showcase their talent and knock on the doors of the senior national team. However, former Indian cricketer Manoj Tiwary is not entirely happy with the way the Ranji Trophy is being organized and has highlighted several challenges with the showpiece event. Tiwary, in an explosive rant on social media, called for the tournament to be scrapped from the next season. The Bengal star, however, did not highlight the specific reason for such a suggestion on social media.

“Ranji trophy should be removed from the calendar from next season. There are so many things going wrong in the tournament. Many things need to be analyzed to save this prestigious tournament which has a rich history. It is losing its charm and importance. Absolutely frustrated,” Tiwary wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Tiwary also posted on Facebook to highlight certain issues with the Ranji Trophy. During the live session, he also said that he would end his Ranji Trophy career at the end of this season.

The Bengal cricketer first criticized the poor dressing room facilities at St Xavier’s College Ground in Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram, where Bengal faced Kerala in an Elite Group B match.

During the live session, he said: “We are playing against Kerala on a ground, not in a stadium even though one was built years ago. They are asking us to play on a ground on the outskirts of the state. The dressing rooms are such that “Neither You can’t even plan a proper strategy since our dressing room and the opposite dressing room are so close to each other that you can hear what others are saying. There’s no Privacity. I hope this will be looked at in the future.”

However, he is yet to reveal the real reason behind the tweet to remove the Ranji Trophy. He promised to reveal the reason after ending his career.

“I cannot give more details because I am a player and captain of a State and I have to follow the BCCI Code of Conduct. I cannot say anything publicly during the match,” he said.

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