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“I apologize to the Virat Kohli family, I made a mistake”: AB de Villiers, asks everyone to respect privacy | cricket news

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Virat Kohli’s name does not figure in the squad list for the last three Tests against England, which was announced on Saturday. “Virat Kohli will not be available for selection for the remainder of the series due to personal reasons. The Board fully respects and supports Mr. Kohli’s decision,” the BCCI said in a statement. There has been intense speculation about the nature of Virat Kohli’s ‘personal reason’. Amid this, Virat Kohli’s teammate at Royal Challengers Bangalore, AB de Villiers said last week that the India star and Anushka Sharma’s “second child is on the way”.

On Friday, however, ABD did a U-turn and said, “Family comes first and then Cricket. I made a big mistake on my YouTube channel. That information was incorrect and not true at all. I think what be better for Virat’s family.” “It’s the first thing. Nobody knows what’s going on there, all I can do is wish him the best. Whatever the reason for his breakup, I hope he can come back stronger, better and fresher from this.”

Now, in a YouTube live, the great South African has apologized to the Kohli family.

“My friend Virat Kohli is still not available. I ask everyone to give him the privacy he deserves. Family comes first. No one knows exactly what is going on. I ask everyone to respect that mistake in my previous show and I ask Apologies to the Kohli family for that,” AB de Villiers said in a Youtube Live.

“It’s just not nice. I shared information that was not confirmed at all. I beg everyone to respect him, his family and his private time. Hopefully, we will see Virat back, happy and scoring runs. As always does. “.

In his previous YouTube live, De Villiers was asked if he had spoken to Virat Kohli and whether he was fine or not.

“All I know is that he is fine. He is spending some time with his family, that is the reason he missed the first two Test matches. I am not going to confirm anything else. I can’t wait to see him back “He’s fine, he’s happy,” AB de Villiers revealed on his YouTube channel.

“Let me see what he said. I just want to give you at least some love,” he added.

“So I texted him, ‘I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while, cookies. How are you?’ He said, ‘I just need to be with my family right now.’ Then I told him I’m fine.

“Yes, his second child is on the way. Yes, it’s family time and things are important to him. If you’re not honest and genuine with yourself, you lose track of what you’re here for. I think the priority of Most people are family. “You can’t judge Virat for that. Yes, we miss him, but he has made the right decision,” he added.

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