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‘If Virat Kohli needs to be with family…’: Hussain hints at ’15 years’ toll as India star almost out of England

Virat Kohli fans… look away! It may be a little longer before you see your favorite in action again. Kohli, who retired from the first two Tests against England, is likely to miss the next two matches in Rajkot and Ranchi and also remains a doubtful starter for the Dharamsala match. The news was confirmed by several media outlets and as the BCCI delays in announcing the squad for the next Test or two, Kohli’s chances of playing are further reduced.

Will he do it or not? Suspense around Virat Kohli’s comeback remains intact (PTI)

Kohli joined the team in Hyderabad before the first Test but returned the same day after holding talks with captain Rohit Sharma and the team management, as announced by the BCCI. While the exact personal reasons are unknown (definitely not his mother’s health, as confirmed by his brother Vikas Kohli), it could be very helpful that he is about to become a father for the second time, something revealed by AB de Villiers. Is he really out? Is there any remote chance of him returning? Only time will tell.

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But if Kohli is indeed left out, it will be a big setback not only for India but for the entire world, feels Nasser Hussain. Kohli’s presence always makes a series a bit interesting, but the fact that he is not available for a contest as intense, big and grueling as India vs England, promises to take some of the shine off.

“Yes, well, nothing is confirmed at the moment. It’s all speculation whether it will be the next 2 test matches or three… they are going to announce their team in the next few hours. Nothing is confirmed, but it will be a tough blow for India, the series. and for world cricket. It’s going to be a special series, it already has been. The first two matches have been fascinating, and make no mistake. Virat Kohli is one of the best to ever play the game and any series and any team would do it. I miss someone of Kohli’s stature,” Hussain said on Sky Sports.

Hussain backs Kohli’s decision

While the world is divided over Kohli’s decision to prefer family over cricket, the former England captain came out and showed his support for the former India captain’s call. In 2022, Kohli took a short two-month break and Hussain has a feeling something similar could happen this time too. After all, Kohli has been playing since 2008 and despite being one of the fittest cricketers of all time, burnout is inevitable.

“First things first. The game must also take care of Virat Kohli. He has been playing international cricket for over 15 years and if he needs a break to be away with the family… get some time away from the game, we absolutely wish Virat Kohli “All the best. It means we won’t have the delicious possibility of an Anderson-Kohli fight like we’ve seen over the years, so so be it. But Kohli, his family and his private life have to come first,” Hussain pointed out.

Virat Kohli is missing a knock, but India can breathe easy with KL Rahul’s return

India missed Kohli as his batting in the second innings of both Tests was disappointing, and as he is likely to be out for at least a couple more weeks, India would be worried. However, Hussain is confident that KL Rahul’s imminent return will solve some of his problems. Rahul, who scored a century and 88 in two of his last four innings, missed the Visakhapatnam Test due to injury but is improving in the NCA, boosting his chances of playing in Rajkot from February 15.

“It is a blow for India but as we have seen, they have a lot of very good young batsmen and I think KL Rahul, who was injured in the last match and played brilliantly in the last few months, will be back.” and he will increase the batting of him.”

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