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It is important for a leader to earn respect with actions and not words: MS Dhoni | Cricket News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: MS Dhoni’s leadership and skillful people management skills have become legendary in cricket circles. The former Indian captain on Friday emphasized that earning the respect and loyalty of players through actions is the fundamental aspect of leadership.
During Dhoni’s captaincy, India achieved notable success, winning two World Cups and one Champions TrophyIn addition to reaching the first position in the ICC Test Ratings “Loyalty has a lot to do with the respect factor. When you talk about the locker room, unless the coaching staff or the players respect you, it’s difficult to get that loyalty.
“Actually, it’s about what you are doing and not what you are talking about. You may not actually talk at all, but your behavior can earn you that respect,” Dhoni said at an event organized by Single.ID, the first to its type. cross-reward program identifier type.
Dhoni said respect for a leader comes from his deeds rather than his words.
“I always felt that earning respect (as a leader) is important as it doesn’t come with the chair or the rank. It comes with your demeanor. People are insecure sometimes. Sometimes even if the team believes in you, they actually You are the first person who will not believe in you.
“In short, don’t try to command respect but rather earn it, as it is very organic. Once you have that loyalty, performance will also follow,” he said.
According to Dhoni, the first step to earning respect and loyalty is to thoroughly understand each player in the dressing room, including their strengths and weaknesses.
“Some people love pressure and some people don’t like pressure. The important thing is to understand the strength of the individual and the weakness of the individual.
“Once you’ve done that, you’ll start working on a player’s weakness without actually telling them it’s a weakness.
“So it keeps the player confident and prevents them from doubting themselves. They like to see how it works and that’s the job of a captain or coach to find out what works for who,” he added.
The Jharkhand man said that as a leader, one must keep things simple to get the best results from a team.
“In that process, the simpler you keep things, the easier it will be for you. I always felt that the team (he captained) had character because we were all different.”
(With input from PTI)

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