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Ravindra Jadeja is furious with his father, calling his “nonsense” accusations “an attempt to tarnish the image of his wife Rivaba”.

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja vehemently denied the allegations leveled by his father Anirudhsinh Jadeja in a recent interview with a Gujarati daily. Ravindra called the interview “scripted” and “meaningless” and said it was an attempt to “tarnish” the image of his wife Rivaba. “Let’s ignore what is said in the written interviews,” Jadeja captioned a graphic board, which contained a message in Gujarati, on his X account (previously known as Twitter).

Ravindra Jadeja (PTI) of India

“Everything said in the meaningless interview is meaningless and false. It is a one-sided story and I completely deny the allegations. The attempts made to tarnish my wife’s image are truly reprehensible and inappropriate. I too have a lot to say say, but I won’t do it publicly,” said Ravindra, who turned 15 in international cricket on Friday.

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in a Interview with Divya BhaskarAnirudhsinh said he lives a simple life away from his son’s fame-filled world. Despite living in Jamnagar, where her son Ravindra has a farm, Anirudhsinh said, he stays in a 2BHK apartment. “I have a piece of land in my town. I manage my expenses from the $20,000 pension from my wife. I live alone in a 2BHK flat. I have a maid who cooks for me. I’m living my life on my own terms. Even in my 2-bedroom apartment, there is still a separate room for Ravindra.”

Major Jadeja also accused the Indian cricketer of not maintaining cordial relations with him and his sister. “I don’t call Ravindra and I don’t need him. He is not my father; I am his father. He is the one who is supposed to call me. All this makes me cry. His sister also cries. Rakshabandhan.” he added.

“We have worked very hard to make Ravindra a cricketer. He used to carry 20-litre milk cans on his shoulder to earn money. I have even worked as a watchman. We come from a humble background. His sister has done even more than “I. She took care of him like a mother. However, he has not maintained any relationship with his sister either.”

Anirudhsinh accused Ravindra’s wife Rivaba of creating differences in the family. “Immediately after their marriage, there was a dispute over the ownership of Ravindra’s restaurant. She (Rivaba) told him to transfer the ownership of the restaurant into her name. They even had a major fight over it. His sister thought he would handle things from now on and I agreed to sign. he said.

Returning fit Ravindra Jadeja likely to return to India Test squad

Ravindra Jadeja, who scored 86 in the first innings of the first Test against England in Hyderabad, missed the second match in Visakhapatnam due to a hamstring injury. He was hurt attempting a single in the second inning, which also resulted in his run.

The all-rounder is currently at NCA Bengaluru and has reportedly returned to full fitness. He is likely to be included in India’s squad for the remaining three Tests against England.

After losing the first match of the series, India made a strong comeback to square the five-match series. The third Test will begin in Rajkot on February 15.

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