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“Red Bull is absolutely beatable,” declares Aston Martin when presenting its new car

Aston Martin enters the new season confident that Red Bull, last season’s dominant champion, can be caught.

The Silverstone-based team surprised Formula 1 with its progress early last year. After finishing 2022 seventh in the constructors’ championship, Aston Martin began last season as Red Bull’s closest rival, achieving a series of podium finishes.

But while Red Bull stamped its authority across the championship, winning 21 of the 22 grands prix, Aston Martin faltered mid-season and fell to fifth place in the final standings. However, they are confident they can overtake Red Bull again this year as they and other teams adopt the champions’ design solutions in their cars.

“When you have a team that is doing as well as Red Bull since 2022, it is inevitable that there will be some kind of convergence in their solutions,” said technical director Dan Fallow, who joined Aston Martin from Red Bull in 2022.

“With the regulations we have now, it’s not particularly easy to have cars that are visually very different,” he told the media, including RaceFans, yesterday. “So I think it’s inevitable that we’ll see some of that convergence.”

Fallows believes the gap between Red Bull and its rivals was already beginning to narrow towards the end of 2023.

“People are getting very close and I think that suggests that people are probably less able to take a big conceptual step away from the kind of things we’re seeing in most cars,” he said.

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Aston Martin “really likes to find lap times from smaller details, the more detailed elements of the floor and other parts of the car,” he explained.

Aston Martin gave Red Bull the fight last year

“But there is still a lot of lap time ahead and we think Red Bull is absolutely beatable. That’s what we’re after. “We are focusing on them and that is what we intend.”

Last year, Aston Martin discovered that its car’s performance varied too much from track to track. Therefore, one of the goals of the AMR24 was to make it more adaptable to the variety of locations it will address.

“We talk about Red Bull because they are obviously the benchmark in terms of performance,” Fallows explained. “But really for us, whoever has the fastest car is our goal and that’s what we’re looking at.

“Instead of thinking about individual races from an engineering point of view, we have to build a car that is capable of running on any circuit and being competitive. And that’s really what we’re focused on, making a car that’s usable, that’s good for drivers, that’s what we’ve really been trying to focus on.

“Those competitive statistics and how we approach Red Bull will come after that. “If we put that performance into the car, then we give ourselves the ability to compete at that level, which is exactly what we want.”

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Fernando Alonso scored almost three-quarters of the team’s points last year and occasionally put one clear of the Red Bull drivers, especially in Brazil, where he made a celebrated last-lap pass on Sergio Pérez to achieve the last place on the podium. He said Fallows’ statement about Red Bull being beatable “makes me smile,” but noted that his other rivals may have also closed the gap during the offseason.

“We have to be optimistic in this part of the season,” Alonso said. “We also saw last year that Ferrari finished very strong and took some pole positions in the latter part of the year. McLaren also took a big step during the season and got closer to Red Bull in some races. So let’s see what happens.

“I think we have to be regularly in the first points, fighting for podiums, or be a contender for podiums like we did last year. And then if we are in that position, it will be wonderful to achieve the first green victory for Aston Martin and I hope I can be behind the wheel at that time.

“But I think we have to go step by step. He’s going to be very tight. I bet there are four or five teams within two or three tenths of second this year. So that will leave you with two tenths of a second fighting for podiums or fighting for the top ten. So we need to really focus on that.”

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