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3 things GTA 6 Online should not learn from GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online is Rockstar Games’ most successful title, mainly due to the advancements in features and game mechanics that the studio had with it. While it’s only natural for the studio to incorporate some of its features into Grand Theft Auto 6 and its online multiplayer, there are some things in the game that fans don’t want to see in the upcoming title.

Since Rockstar Games has promised that GTA 6 would be much more advanced than any of its current titles, fans would like its online multiplayer to be fresh and different as well. To do this, they will need to remove some of the stuff from GTA 5 Online.

This article will list three things from the current title that shouldn’t make it to the next game.

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Note: The article is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the author.

3 GTA 5 Online features that should not be part of GTA 6

1) futuristic vehicles

GTA 5 Online lobbies are littered with futuristic vehicles like the Oppressor MK II, which serve as a means of transportation for those afflicted in the game. Since there is currently no mention of such cars and motorcycles in the list of confirmed vehicles that will appear in GTA 6, fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Things got worse when Rockstar Games added these vehicles to the game and ruined it for almost everyone. These futuristic cars and bikes are hard to target and shoot down as they take to the skies and launch guided missiles.

Most players in the community want the developer to keep things grounded in reality and make the vehicles and weapons realistic. While adding extravagant vehicles in GTA 6 is one thing, making them ridiculously overpowered or unbearable is unacceptable.

2) Shark cards

While GTA 6 will almost certainly have a disc version, several fans are concerned that its online multiplayer mode could have the Shark Card feature similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. This online purchase will give you a good amount of in-game money that you can use to start a business or buy nice cars.

However, this is a shortcut that is frowned upon by most other players who have completed heists and are still doing missions in the game to get money. While Shark Cards are a good source of income for Rockstar Games, they give others an unfair advantage over regular players.

Therefore, most fans do not want to see this feature in Grand Theft Auto 6 Online when it is finally implemented. Since there is a new release date prediction that says the game could release after April 2025, the community wants Rockstar to use it as an opportunity to remove such features from the game.

3) Combat stance

While there are several mechanics and gameplay features that fans would love to see in GTA 6, Grand Theft Auto 5 Online’s combat stance is something that has irritated players for as long as it has been in the game. The character instantly goes into a semi-crouch position as soon as you fire a bullet.

This is very irritating, especially when you want to stand up straight or run while firing your gun. But the game forces you to walk in that posture even if you don’t want to. So, it is one of the things that Grand Theft Auto 6 Online should avoid.

Players should have the freedom to choose the stance or position they want their character to be in. This not only increases immersion but also makes the game more fun for everyone.

In other news, a new GTA 6 PS5 controller design is floating around social media, gaining traction and attention from the community. However, its authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

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