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5 GTA San Andreas redeemable qualities that GTA Online needs

GTA San Andreas is one of Rockstar Games’ most influential releases. It has a nice plot, several unique features and interesting game mechanics. While Grand Theft Auto Online has made the most money for the studio, fans would like to see the developer add certain mechanics from the previous title to the game to improve things.

This article highlights five things from GTA San Andreas that Rockstar Games should bring back and use in Grand Theft Auto 5’s online multiplayer to make it more interesting.

Note: The article is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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5 things about San Andreas that will improve GTA Online

1) Character customization

While some would say that Grand Theft Auto Online allows you to customize your character, it doesn’t come close to what GTA San Andreas offers. Not only can you decide what CJ wears, from pants and shirts to bandanas and masks, but it’s also possible to adjust his body mass.

One can visit the gym to make CJ muscular or eat a lot to gain weight. The best part is that this wasn’t just for aesthetics because his body shape affected how well a mission would go. Fat CJ would fail to catch the target and would receive a sarcastic call from Big Smoke.

2) Give more personality to the character

While Grand Theft Auto Online has some really interesting characters that fans would also like to see in GTA 6, the protagonist is not that interesting. While it makes sense to keep him as a blank slate that transforms along with his actions and businesses, there is no real growth for the character.

This is something that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas handled quite well. Not only is CJ one of the best protagonists in the series, but he also remains interesting and relatable throughout the story. So it would be more fun to play Grand Theft Auto Online if Rockstar Games gave the protagonist more personality instead of keeping him a mute puppet.

3) Enterable properties

Among the several amazing features of GTA San Andreas, the saving grace was the ability to enter and explore a ton of buildings.

This is one of the highly requested improvements that fans would like to see not only in Grand Theft Auto Online but also in Grand Theft Auto 6. Adding accessible buildings will encourage players to explore the map more and interact with various NPCs, such as the ATM. at the food restaurant or at the gym instructor.

4) Active rival/gang system

There are several things that San Andreas did well compared to GTA 5 and its online multiplayer. The gang system is one of the features that makes it interesting to this day.

Since CJ belongs to the Grove Street Family gang, he often encounters Ballas and other rivals who are out for his blood. Things get even more heated once players start taking over enemy territories and engaging in gang wars.

Adding an active gang system to Grand Theft Auto Online would instantly make it much more interesting. Players who have accomplished the most things in the game will also have something new to do.

5) An interesting combat system.

While GTA San Andreas has several glaring flaws, combat is one of those redeeming features that players would like to see in GTA 6. It will also greatly improve Grand Theft Auto Online.

Not only can CJ double-wield most weapons, but he can also use martial arts. Players can visit the gym to learn new techniques and moves and perform incredible combos during close combat.

On the other hand, the fighting in Grand Theft Auto Online is relatively tame and the player with the best weapon will almost always outperform everyone else. It would be interesting if Rockstar Games introduced more sophisticated hand-to-hand combat to freshen up the game.

In other news, GTA Online’s ongoing weekly update is offering huge discounts on many items, including properties and their upgrades. Players are encouraged to check them out before they run out.

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