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5 of the Best GTA Online Drip Feed Vehicles of All Time

GTA Online often drip feeds vehicles that are part of major updates. This means that players have to wait for Rockstar Games to gradually add all new cars and trucks to the game. The studio usually does this to keep players interested in the game for a longer period. However, getting new content slowly can be quite frustrating.

There have been some drip-fed cars that GTA Online fans were extremely desperate to get their hands on. These vehicles are not only beautiful, but they also offer amazing performance, making them worth the wait. This article will list five vehicles that were drip fed and ended up becoming very popular in the community.

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5 GTA Online Drip Feed Vehicles That Became Very Popular

1) Custom BF Weevil

The BF Weevil Custom in GTA Online was a drip-feed vehicle that was added as part of The Criminal Enterprises update, which was released in 2022. While it may be a quirky-looking vehicle that could also end up in GTA 6, These two two-seater muscle cars offer amazing speed despite their appearance.

This car can reach a top speed of 137.50 mph (221.28 km/h) after a complete upgrade, making it one of the fastest cars in the game. Players must first purchase the standard BF Weevil for $870,000 and then upgrade to the custom variant for an additional $980,000. The customization options and speed this upgrade offers are well worth the money.

2) Penaud La Coureuse

Sports car fans in GTA Online were delighted to receive the Penaud La Coureuse with the San Andreas Mercenaries update. It was another drip-fed vehicle that finally made it to the game, and players were excited to try out an electric sports car that could go fast.

The Penaud La Coureuse can reach a top speed of 184.27 km/h (114.50 mph) and has a cute little look. On top of that, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players can equip the HSW performance upgrade that makes this car go up to 142.50 mph (229.33 km/h).

While you will need to spend $1,990,000 to purchase this ride, it is compatible with Imani Tech upgrades. This allows you to equip the Missile Lock-On Jammer, which is a lifesaver in public lobbies.

3) Western Reever

GTA Online has some fast bikes. The Western Reever, a drip-fed vehicle, was released as part of The Contract update and was also announced as the fastest motorcycle in this game.

While it can reach a top speed of 163.00 mph (262.32 km/h), players will typically need to perform wheelies or employ a speed glitch to reach that astonishing speed. However, even without exploits, it is fast. This makes it perfect for racing and normal exploration.

The vehicle is available for $1,900,000; However, you can expect a weekly GTA Online update to get it at a discount.

4) Pfister S2 Comet

The Pfister Comet S2 was part of the Los Santos Tuners drip update. This beautiful vehicle is a sports car and tuner that can equip lowered vehicle position and low grip tires that make it glide smoothly on uneven surfaces.

In addition to its drifting capabilities, this car can also reach a top speed of 197.95 km/h (123.00 mph), making it a great choice for racing as well. However, it will be necessary to spend $1,878,000 to own this vehicle, which is a little high. However, the customization and overall performance of the vehicle make it worth the price.

5) Virtue of the ocelot

GTA Online has several fast armored vehicles that offer both protection and speed. The Virtue of the Ocelot is undoubtedly one of the best examples of this. It was introduced as a drip-feed vehicle with the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Not only can this car reach a top speed of 191.91 km/h (119.25 mph), but it is also compatible with Imani Tech upgrades that can prevent missiles from locking onto it and provide armor to the vehicle. This latest upgrade makes the car quite durable, as it can carry 12 guided missiles before exploding.

However, the best part is that players can get this vehicle for free by completing the First Dose and Last Dose missions from the Drug Wars DLC update. You can also spend $2,980,000 if you don’t want to do that.

In other news, GTA 6 Florida Joker is now asking Rockstar Games to let him play a role in the upcoming title.

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