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5 reasons why GTA on Nintendo Switch should continue

The GTA franchise has been released on several different platforms, and one of them is the Nintendo Switch. The remastered Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition trilogy was recently released on the portable console, but was widely criticized for having poor graphics and a myriad of other problems. Although this game was buggy upon release on all platforms, its Switch version, along with the PC version, was considered the most inferior.

However, this doesn’t mean that Rockstar Games should no longer release GTA titles on the handheld. The studio has released many successful handheld titles and could also offer ports of Grand Theft Auto games. This article explores five reasons why Rockstar should continue releasing newer GTA games on Switch.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

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5 reasons why the Nintendo Switch deserves more GTA titles

1) Port demand

There are many GTA titles that can be ported to Nintendo Switch. In fact, offerings like the underrated GTA Vice City Stories haven’t even received an Android port, unlike Liberty City Stories and other 3D Universe games.

Rockstar could work to bring the Stories games to Switch to ensure their longevity and introduce these old classics to a new generation of gamers.

2) Dominate the Switch market

Rockstar has dominated any console it has released games for, be it PlayStation, Xbox, mobile, or even other Nintendo systems. A good example of this is GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories on PlayStation Portable. Both games top the list of best-selling PSP games.

On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, which was released for the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and Android, has some success on all three platforms and continues to rank as the highest-rated game on the Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile, GTA San Andreas, which was originally released for PS2, is the best-selling game of all time on the console, with 17.33 million copies sold. This suggests that Rockstar could dominate the Switch market if it releases more Grand Theft Auto titles on Nintendo’s handheld.

3) Long history with Nintendo consoles

Rockstar is primarily recognized for its games for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. As such, fans often forget that this studio has released several games on Nintendo consoles. The first two Grand Theft Auto titles were released for the GameBoy Color in 1999 and 2000, respectively. This may seem unusual, especially in the 2000s when Nintendo consoles were primarily aimed at children.

Grand Theft Auto Advance, which came out for the GameBoy Advance in 2004, was a 2D open-world game that felt like a throwback to the first two Grand Theft Auto games.

Meanwhile, GTA Chinatown Wars was a feature-rich, open-world isometric title that was initially released on the Nintendo DS. This release was quite successful and highly praised, although it generated a lot of controversy for having a drug trafficking minigame.

4) More portable titles

The Grand Theft Auto franchise hasn’t paid much attention to the handheld market in recent years. Handheld consoles were popular in the 2000s, and both the DS and PSP were quite successful. As noted above, Rockstar released several successful games on both consoles.

Now that the Nintendo Switch has taken the handheld console to a new level, Rockstar should return to the handheld market once again. In fact, the recent release of the remastered GTA trilogy on Android and iOS by Netflix has revived hope for more portable titles. As such, fans are also expecting newer games on mobile devices, such as an Android and iOS version of Vice City Stories.

5) To compensate for the poor quality of the GTA Trilogy port

There’s no hiding the fact that the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition trilogy was a disaster. It was riddled with bugs and the implementation of graphics and textures felt extremely half-hearted. The games were a huge disaster on every platform they were released on, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even Nintendo Switch.

However, with the mobile release, the studio finally took some steps in the right direction by fixing some of the graphical issues and making this title free of all the bugs that plague gameplay. This is what fans would love to see in a future portable release as well, and the only way Rockstar can earn the trust of its fans is by releasing a new title on Switch that is free of such bugs.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh.

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