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5 simple tricks to increase GTA Online stats faster

GTA Online players must create a custom character before entering multiplayer for the first time. In addition to cosmetic mods, Rockstar Games also tasks players with assigning points to character stats like strength, stamina, driving, flight, and stealth, which determine how good one is at the attributes. These stats can only be assigned a limited number of points initially.

However, players can improve them over time by simply playing the game or using some simple tricks. For those interested, this article lists five easy tricks to increase GTA Online stats faster. These cheats should preferably be run in invite-only sessions to avoid interference from others.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects solely the opinions of the author.

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GTA Online players can use the following five easy tricks to increase stats faster

1) Walk in circles – Stealth

GTA Online players can increase their stealth stats by simply walking in the stealth stance. However, the monotony of the activity can make it a little boring. Fortunately, players can also let the game do this on its own and go AFK (Away from Keyboard).

To do this, controller users can use a rubber band to keep the analog stick pointing in a certain direction. Keyboard users, on the other hand, can use some type of weight to hold down the walk and direction buttons when out and about. This will cause the character to continuously walk in circles in the stealth stance, essentially increasing the stealth stat.

2) Hit NPCs: Strength

Increasing the strength stat is pretty easy in theory, as you just have to hit the NPCs on the street. However, the problem here is that such activities result in police intervention. To avoid this issue, players can start the Time To Get Away mission in GTA Online from the Rockstar Jobs playlist in the pause menu.

Since players can’t get a wanted level during this quest, they can go where a lot of NPCs are expected to be (e.g. Vespucci Beach) and then start beating up everyone nearby. Without police interference, they should be able to increase the strength stat faster than usual.

3) Running in circles – Endurance

Running/sprinting helps build stamina in this game, just like in real life. GTA Online beginners and veterans can do this while AFK using the same trick used in the first entry on this list.

Those with controllers must use something to press the race button and keep the analog stick pointed in one direction. Those at the keyboards must press both the sprint and direction buttons. Needless to say, your character will run in circles continuously, increasing your stamina in the process.

4) Flight school – Fly

Although Flight School, which can be accessed from Los Santos International Airport (LSIA), is a pretty good way to increase flight stats and earn some money in GTA Online, players can repeatedly complete a mission very simple of your playlist to increase this stat faster.

The mission in question is called Engine Failure and requires players to safely land a plane with failed engines at Fort Zancudo Air Base. As said above, he’s very easy to beat, and getting a gold medal should help quickly improve your flying stats.

5) Grind Ammu-Nation Shooting Range – Shooting

Some Ammu-Nation outlets include a shooting range where players can participate in challenges to improve their shooting statistics. To do this, they must enter an Ammu-Nation shooting range, enter the Challenge marker, set the number of challenges to unlimited, and start solo.

The game will offer different classes of weapons and while you can choose any of them, the minigun is quite fun to use. It should be noted that only shooting targets corresponding to the players’ colors will award points.

Completing these challenges should help increase the shooting stat and keep one entertained while waiting for GTA 6.

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