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5 Things GTA 6 Should Learn From Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like a dragon, infinite wealth is a one of the latest entries in the RPG video game genre, and there are a few things that GTA 6 can learn from it. Being among the biggest names in the industry, Rockstar Games doesn’t really need to learn from other developers. In fact, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be one of the most extensive and detailed titles of all time.

However, learning from what the new entry Like A Dragon does well could help make the next Grand Theft Auto entry even better. This article lists five things GTA 6 should learn from Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects solely the opinions of the author.

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Dynamic combat and other things GTA 6 should learn from Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

1) Fun side quests

Among Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth’s best assets are its fun and varied side stories (side quests). They make up hours of content and act as entertaining alternatives to the main story.

Rockstar Games has designed some cool side quests in the past. However, the study’s mission design has become repetitive and outdated. Side missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 can start to feel like chores very quickly.

Therefore, GTA 6 side missions should be of high quality and provide a fun escape from the main campaign.

2) Including past protagonists

Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu form the main duo of Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. One thing to note here is that the latter, who has a more supporting role in this title, has been the protagonist of many previous Like A Dragon games.

Grand Theft Auto, on the other hand, often avoids including past protagonists in new titles, which goes against what most fans want. Grand Theft Auto 6 should therefore take inspiration from Infinite Wealth and feature at least one beloved main character from an old GTA title in some way.

3) dynamic combat

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth’s over-the-top combat style fits well with the series. While combat in GTA 6 will probably be very different, it should at least be fun.

A more dynamic and forceful combat style, similar to that of the latest Like A Dragon installment, could be an interesting approach. Besides the cool combos, one of the best fighting elements of this game is how players can use some nearby items to their advantage.

Since the fighting in Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of its weakest attributes, the mechanics need a major overhaul in the sequel.

4) long history

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth has a long history (Image via A Dragon Infinite Wealth has a long history (Image via
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth has a long history (Image via

According to the popular gaming website, the main story of Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth lasts 57 and a half hours. Needless to say, this makes for an incredibly long video game, which isn’t bad at all.

In fact, many fans want Rockstar Games to take a similar approach in GTA 6’s story mode. This means that the story of the long-awaited title should take its time to develop, introducing various characters, plot details, and twists.

While GTA 6 is not expected to last nearly 60 hours, a recent rumor suggested that it could last between 35 and 40 hours.

5) An animated world

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth’s Hawaii setting is comparable to what one can expect to see on the GTA 6 map, which will include Vice City, a fictional location based on Miami.

One thing that Infinite Wealth offers, which should also be replicated in GTA 6, is an animated game world. The amount of NPCs on the beaches and streets really brings the game to life.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may already be on the right track, as its debut trailer showed off a high density of NPCs and varied character models.

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