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Apple Vision Pro micro OLED displays and battery detailed in iFixt teardown, part 2 – news

iFixit shared a video of part 2 of its Apple Vision Pro teardown detailing the key components inside Apple’s first space computer. Spoiler alert: Apple did some clever marketing tricks with everything “more than a 4K television for every eye” Claim you did this during the Vision Pro announcement.

The pair of micro OLED displays are estimated to offer a resolution of 3,660 x 3,200 pixels per eye, which technically does not meet the 4K resolution requirements, which is 3,840 x 2,160 px. The Vision Pro is still quite sharp and each of its screens has a whopping 3,380 pixels per inch (PPI).

Vision Pro Display and Resolution Calculations

As impressive as that figure is, pixel per degree (PPD) is a more important metric for virtual reality headsets: the number of horizontal pixels per degree of viewing angle. The iFixit team estimates that the Vision Pro includes 34 PPD, which translates to a noticeably more detailed viewing experience compared to the Goal mission 3 and its 25 PPD.

The Vision Pro’s battery also received prominence: it’s made from a single sheet of aluminum and is extremely difficult to open; The iFixit team resorted to using a hammer and chisel. The interior revealed a trio of iPhone-sized batteries, each with 15.36 Wh of power or 46.08 Wh total, despite Apple officially listing the battery with a rating of 35.9 Wh.

Disassembled Vision Pro battery

In a surprising turn of events, Apple skipped its usual part-pairing practice, meaning the Vision Pro components appear to be interchangeable. The Vision Pro remains a really difficult device when it comes to repairability, earning it an iFixit repairability score of 4/10.

In related news, Vision Pro also received its first software update bringing improved and more realistic Personas avatars. Apple visionOS 1.1 Beta is now available to download and will require users to rescan their face and create a new Persona avatar.

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