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Apple Vision Pro unofficially sells for a whopping $5,000 outside the US.

Apple’s new Vision Pro headphones are seeing astronomical resale prices well above their $3,500 retail price. In secondary markets in Asia, resellers are asking up to $6,300 for the device.

The limited release of Vision Pro is creating a supply shortage that allows opportunistic resellers to charge huge premiums, according to a Bloomberg report. In Japan, basic models sell for more than $5,400 on Mercari. China’s Taobao sellers are looking for around $5,000 per unit. And one ambitious seller in Singapore is asking a whopping $6,300 for Lazada.

This demand is not just from enthusiastic Apple fans. Foreign developers want early access to create software. Industry rivals need to pick up units to figure out how to respond. And some buyers just want to be first. But experts say most buyers should wait.

“Our observations indicate inflated prices on unofficial channels, reaching up to 40,000 yuan for Vision Pro units,” said Ivan Lam, an analyst at Counterpoint Research. “However, these purchases probably represent limited supply, coming from external markets and deviating from typical consumer behavior.”

Apple is being very selective about who gets early access to Vision Pro. The company has an elaborate in-store setup and customization process for each buyer. The goal is to ensure new owners have the best onboarding experience possible with the spatial computing headset.

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This careful launch highlights questions about consumer appetite for extended reality (XR) devices at this price point. Apple’s closest competitor is Meta, whose Quest headphones sell for much less. In the same premium category as Vision Pro is Varjo, a Finnish startup that serves enterprise clients such as pilots and designers.

While the reselling frenzy might be short-lived, it highlights the rumors surrounding the Vision Pro. And it underscores Apple’s marketing genius. By tightly controlling supply, they have apparently created the perception of an ultra-exclusive product that everyone suddenly wants.

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