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Brunch Recap: The Week and How It Made Us Feel

February 8, 2024 22:39 IST

Elmo’s innocent tweet asking how everyone is doing has sparked an avalanche of concern from first responders, reminding us of the importance of communication. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce is sparking speculation and Pat McGrath’s makeup looks at the Maison Margiela show have gone viral. A Reddit thread wonders why scientists haven’t designed larger grains of rice, and the Rubik’s Cube will turn 50 in May.

This week we are

Thousands of first responders dumped their concerns on Elmo’s X account last week.

Worried about Elmo. Earlier this week, the Muppets X account tweeted harmlessly: “Elmo just signed up! How’s everybody? Thousands of first responders left their concerns about their own fate and that of the world in the comments. It reminds us of the power of communicating, of communicating our concerns and of listening. But what about poor Elmo? We hope the red furball does well too.

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Changing our name.

Kelsey Taylor Pomeroy (@KelseWhatElse) gets confused when Kelce-Taylor’s updates come on the radio.

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Will Taylor Swift fly from her Japan? A concert in time to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl next week? Is your partner a government conspiracy? Will Kelce propose? Who cares? Our hearts go out to Kansas mom Kelsey Taylor Pomeroy (@KelseWhatElse), who jumps every time Kelce-Taylor updates come on the radio, thinking they’re talking about her. Sending love, Swifties!

Makeup artist Pat McGrath applied peel-off masks over made-up faces to achieve this viral look.

At Maison Margiela’s spring show, legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath sent models down the runway with poreless, porcelain-like, almost AI-generated faces. The photos went viral. There were clips of the models removing their makeup after the show. It turns out that McGrath diluted peel-off face masks and airbrushed them onto made-up faces, blow-drying between eight coats. Unattainable beauty standard? No, just a brilliant, glassy genius.

Chewing on a problem. A Reddit r/NoStupidQuestions thread asks why scientists haven’t engineered larger grains of rice yet? “Wouldn’t it make more sense if each grain weighed like 8 ounces? Then you would only have to eat a couple of rice.” Who is going to tell you how dal is absorbed into each grain, how basmati is coated with fat and spices in a biryani, how the texture of sushi depends on the small grains? Also, why involve science in this? Just use 8 oz rice balls.

The Rubik’s Cube turns 50 in May.

The Rubik’s Cube turns 50 in May. That’s half a century of us worrying about the fastest solutions, the fewest moves, the blind solution, the one-handed solution, tight corners, and the flexibility to solve it first (99% of users they can not). . Thanks to Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik for his invention. It took him a month to fix it the first time. So there is hope for the 99%.

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