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CERT-In alerts: critical security risks detected in Google Chrome OS | All you need to know

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CERT-In, the Indian computer emergency response team, has issued a serious warning over the security flaws found in Google Chrome OS. They have identified vulnerabilities in versions of Chrome OS prior to 114.0.5735.350 in the LTS channel, which could allow remote attackers to do harmful things such as execute unauthorized code or gain high-level access to systems.

These failures are due to issues such as an issue with the side panel search feature and weak data validation in extensions, making it urgent for users to fix them.

The risks and how attackers can exploit them

The vulnerabilities could be exploited by tricking users into visiting specific websites designed to activate the flaws. To stay safe, CERT-In recommends updating Chrome OS to version 114.0.5735.350 or later, as these updates contain important fixes for these issues.

Recommended actions for users.

CERT-In advises users to be careful when browsing the Internet, especially on unknown sites, and to avoid clicking on links from unknown sources or on suspicious emails and messages. They also recommend following security best practices, such as using reliable antivirus software, keeping software and applications up to date, and enabling firewalls for added protection against potential threats.

“Swachhta Cyber ​​Fortnight” Initiative

In addition to the warning, CERT-In has launched a “Cyber ​​Swachhta Fortnight” from February 1 to 15, 2024 to combat botnets, which are harmful to user systems. As part of this campaign, CERT-In, together with eScan, has introduced the ‘Cyber ​​Swachhta Kendra’ (CSK) and eScan botnet scanning and cleaning toolkit for laptops, desktops and smartphones, with the objective of protecting cyberspace from these threats.

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