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Deals: OnePlus 12 and 12R now available in US, Google cuts Pixel prices – GSMArena.com news

Pre-orders are already placed and the OnePlus 12 series is now available. The flagship OnePlus 12 is available with a free storage upgrade, meaning $800 gets you 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Try getting it from Samsung or Google.

A quick overview of this Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered phone shows a 6.82-inch QHD+ display and a 120Hz LTPO panel with 10-bit colors. There’s also a 50MP main camera, a 64MP 3x tele camera, and a 48MP ultra-wide-angle camera with Hasselblad calibration. OnePlus brought back wireless charging (50W) to complement wired charging (80W) for the 5400mAh battery (30 minutes to complete for the wired option). The only weak point of this flagship is the IP65 water and dust resistance, that is, it is not rated for water immersion, only aerosols.

The OnePlus 12R has no promotions or discounts, but it is cheaper by nature. This uses the older Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and drops the display down to a resolution of 1264 x 2780 px. Still, the 6.78-inch is still an LTPO panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and 10-bit colors. The 50MP main camera has a slightly smaller sensor, the real downgrade is the 8MP ultra-wide angle and the complete lack of a telephoto lens. The 5500 mAh battery only supports wired charging, but is 80W. The IP64 rating is expected but not ideal.

Google’s entire Pixel line is on sale. The Pixel 7a is the budget ticket to the pure Google experience at $175 less than the equivalent Pixel 8. It is powered by the Tensor G2 and has a 6.1-inch FHD+ 90Hz OLED display. The 64MP main camera is joined by a 13MP ultra-wide angle. The 4,385 mAh battery charges slowly even by Google standards: 18W wired and 7.5W wirelessly. At least it has an IP67 rating.

The Pixel 8 may be the sweet spot. While still not perfect, the Tensor G3 was a notable improvement over the G2. Plus, the 6.2” FHD+ display runs at 120Hz (although it’s not LTPO) and you get a 50MP main camera with a larger 1/1.31” sensor (up from 1/1.73”) . There is a 12MP ultra wide but no tele. The 4575 mAh battery officially supports up to 27W wired charging and 18W wireless charging. This model also has better water resistance with an IP68 rating.

The Pixel 8 Pro has an LTPO display (6.7” 120Hz not quite QHD+) and there is a 48MP 5x periscope. Even ultrawide is better with a 48MP sensor. The 5,050mAh battery is slightly faster at 30W wired and 23W wireless, although in our review we found that both Pixel 8s charge at the same speed in practice.

Google’s first foldable device, the Pixel Fold, also has a periscope, although it only has a 10.8 MP sensor behind it. This is in addition to a 48MP (1/2.0”) main and a 10.8MP ultrawide. The 5.8” cover display has a squat 17.4:9 aspect ratio (FHD+ 120Hz OLED), the interior display is a 7.6” 120Hz OLED panel with a resolution of 1,840 x 2,208px . Unfortunately, it uses the older Tensor G2 chip, which isn’t great for a $1,400 device. The phone is also quite heavy at 283g, but folds down to 12.1mm and has IPX8 water resistance.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 has a more efficient Qualcomm 5100 chipset, which helped improve battery life compared to the original. For health monitoring, there is an ECG in addition to the usual heart rate and SpO2 sensors. The watch has an aluminum frame that is 50 ATM rated for swimming. For $50 more you can have the LTE model.

You can complete your Pixel kit with Google Pixel Buds Pro or Pixel Buds A-Series. The cheaper model offers excellent audio, but battery life could be better and Adaptive Sound is no substitute for ANC. The Pros have ANC, although it’s not great. At least the battery life is much better.

The Pixel Buds have great integration with Google Assistant; Galaxy users could benefit better from the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. At $80, these have ANC and some find the wingtip design more comfortable and stable.

Here’s an interesting design: the Soundcore VR P10 from Anker. As the name suggests, they are designed for virtual reality headsets (and are co-branded by Meta). The dongle allows for a low-latency 2.4 GHz connection (less than 30 ms) and has USB-C pass-through for charging. In addition to Quest, you can also use them with the Steam Deck or Switch, even with PS5 and PC. There’s Bluetooth connectivity (with the LC3 codec), so you can also use them as regular TWS earbuds (they’re IPX4 rated, so they’re not afraid to go out). The two earbuds and their dongle are stored in a standard-looking case.

The Motorola Edge (2022) is an old phone. It’s still waiting for its Android 14 update and, worse than being late, this update could be the last. But look at that price: $160! This allows you to buy a decent 5G chipset (Dimensity 1050), a good quality 6.6-inch OLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 10-bit colors. There is a 50MP main camera (1/1.55”, OIS) and a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera, as well as a 5000mAh battery with 30W wired charging and even 15W wireless charging. The Edge (2022) is better than the entry-level phones you can buy at this price, even if it doesn’t include Android 15.

For something more recent, here’s the Motorola Edge (2023). This one started with Android 13, not 12 like the 2022 model. And it has a newer Dimensity 7030 chip with more RAM and storage. It also has improvements like 68W wired charging (keeping 15W wireless) and an IP68-rated aluminum frame (compared to basic waterproofing). It will last longer in terms of support, but it will also cost more than twice as much.

Last week we mentioned the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ and the old Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. The price of the Tab S6 Lite has dropped even further and now costs the same as the A9+, $220 for the 128GB model. The S series slate is better for DeX and S Pen support at least.

We’ll finish with Logitech G Cloud. It’s back to its reserve price of $300 and comes with the official carrying case. It is designed for streaming and comes with a 7” 1080p 60Hz LCD screen for that task, as well as high-quality controls. The PlayStation Portal is cheaper ($200) and has an 8” 1080p 60Hz LCD screen, but it is tied to the PS5.

Logitech G Cloud

SD 720G, 4/64 GB, 7″ FHD+ LCD screen (60 Hz)
$80 off
Includes official carrying case

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