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Elon Musk reveals ‘game plan’ to move one million people to Mars

American billionaire Elon Musk on Sunday (February 11) shared plans to relocate one million people to Mars, without providing any timeline for it. Reacting to a post on his social media platform

He also hinted at the creation of a self-sustaining local ecological system on Mars that could survive without any support from Earth. “Civilization only passes the Great Monoplanetary Filter when Mars can survive even if supply ships to Earth stop arriving,” added the American billionaire.

He said this in response to a post that said “Starship is the largest rocket ever built and it will take us to Mars.”

Musk also said there will come a day when a trip to Mars will be considered like a flight to another country in modern times.

This comes after Musk, who is also the founder of the company SpaceX, said last week that Starship should be able to reach the moon in less than five years. Musk boasted that the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft will take humans the furthest they have been from Earth in more than half a century. In January he said SpaceX will be able to send humans to the Moon within the next eight years.

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“What will things be like in eight years? I think we will have landed on Mars and I think we will have sent people to the Moon,” Musk said.

SpaceX’s long-term plans for the Moon include building a base there. “Humanity should have a lunar base, cities on Mars and be among the stars,” according to the owner of X.

“We should have a base on the Moon, like a permanently occupied human base on the Moon, and then send people to Mars. Maybe there is something beyond the space station, but we’ll see,” he is believed to have said in the past.

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