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Everything that is known about GTA VI so far

With the GTA VI release date so close, fans can’t help but look at the available information and speculate on what Rockstar Games has in store. While official sources have only released a trailer for the upcoming title, the 1:30-second long video revealed more details than most expected. It showed a lot of things about Grand Theft Auto VI and what to expect from the game.

However, not everything was served on a platter and the community had to do a lot of research to discover some things. This is the reason why the information is mostly scattered and not well collected.

So, we dug around the internet and found almost everything that is currently known about the game, as explored in this article.

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The community has unearthed a lot of information about GTA VI

The protagonists

Rockstar Games released the first GTA VI trailer on December 5, 2023, instantly breaking several records. The video confirmed rumors that the next title will have a leading duo: Lucía and a currently anonymous man. However, rumors suggest that his name is Jason.

While the first video focused on the female lead, fans are hoping to learn more about Jason in GTA VI Trailer 2. The first trailer showed Lucia in prison, suggesting this could be part of a story mission.

the plot

While not much is known about the plot of GTA VI at the moment, there are several theories circulating online. The one that seems most promising is the duo Lucia and Jason based on the infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde, who terrorized citizens by robbing and murdering people.

Both of the game’s protagonists were shown robbing a store during a scene in the trailer, hinting that robberies will once again play an important role in the plot of the upcoming title. It could also be related to why Lucía was shown in prison at the beginning of the video.

The location

The trailer also hinted at the return of the infamous Vice City. After so many years, fans will once again be able to explore the Miami-inspired location in an expanded and improved version. They also hope to visit some iconic locations from the original Vice City in GTA VI.

According to the official Rockstar Games Newswire, the game is set in the state of Leonida, which will cover Vice City and several other notable locations. This was revealed in one of the leaks from the past. Fans were excited to see the variety of terrain shown in the trailer.

This ranged from a populated beach to a swamp with its own diverse ecosystem, which should offer a more realistic feel to the game while also offering more places to explore.

The release date and platforms.

A screenshot revealing information about GTA VI set in Leonida with Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)A screenshot revealing information about GTA VI set in Leonida with Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)
A screenshot revealing information about GTA VI set in Leonida with Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)

While Rockstar Games did not confirm an exact release date for the game, they did announce their plans to release it in 2025. There are already several GTA VI release date predictions online, some of which sound interesting.

However, the studio also plans to release the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S first. This means that PC players will have to wait a while before they can experience the title on their platform. This was not a surprise to many because Rockstar Games always releases its titles first on console and then on PC.

References and parodies

It’s nothing new for Rockstar Games to add Easter eggs and references to people or organizations in their games. Previous titles have had tons of parody characters that are apparently based on real people.

The trailer also showed some of this as fans saw tons of references to real-life incidents, like the alligator invading a store and a woman twerking on top of a moving car. However, the GTA VI Florida Joker controversy has been the most prominent due to the individual threatening to sue the studio.

However, their threat seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as Rockstar Games has not responded to their demands. However, the short trailer makes it clear that the next title will be full of fun moments.


The first official trailer for the long-awaited title not only introduced the community to the new protagonists, but also hinted at several vehicles that will be returning to GTA VI, which is exciting news.

Fans hope to learn more about the protagonists and the world of GTA VI in the upcoming trailers.

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