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Five reasons to have Arcade in GTA Online in 2024

Arcade is one of the GTA Online businesses that allows players to earn a lot of money with relative ease. However, it is also one of the game’s underrated properties. While veterans have other businesses like the Agency or Bunkers, newbies looking to make good money without doing too many tasks can look into Arcade.

It will be available for purchase once players meet with Lester in Mirror Park to discuss some business and he suggests purchasing Arcade. There are a total of six locations where this property can be set up in the game, and it will cost a minimum of $1.2 million to get it all up and running.

This article will give you five reasons why investing money in Arcade in 2024 is a good idea and why you should buy this in-game property.

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Note: The article is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the author.

5 reasons why Arcade is still a relevant business in GTA Online

1) Has a good long-term return on investment

Players should look at how much revenue a company generates over time before purchasing it in-game. While Arcade starts at $1.2 million, GTA Online’s ongoing weekly update is offering an impressive 30% off.

On top of that, the company also makes around $5,000 per hour without players having to do anything. While this passive income is nothing outrageous, the amount of effort required to earn it balances out the smaller amount. Since the initial setup is also quite simple, beginners won’t have much trouble completing it.

2) The Terminal Command Center

One of the main reasons players should include Arcade in the game is the Terminal Command Center. It is an upgrade that can be obtained at any of the Arcade locations in GTA Online, regardless of its initial price. This is one of the best updates that allows you to control and manage all your other businesses from a single location.

So once you set up the Arcade and get this upgrade, you’ll be able to stock your bunker or assign a new DJ to the nightclub without having to leave the property. This saves a lot of time and makes the overall procedure simple. You will find it useful even if you are new and don’t have much business at the moment.

3) Arcade is where you plan the casino heist

While GTA Online money glitches can earn you a lot of money, it is best to follow legitimate methods and not risk Rockstar Games wiping your money or resetting your account. Arcade will be useful in this regard, as you will need it to start Casino Heist.

So if you have at least two people with you, starting and completing this heist is great as the payout is good and is one of the main reasons why most players buy this property in the game. You can win around $1 million through Heist Casino, which is a pretty decent sum.

4) It offers a garage for 10 cars.

Since GTA Online’s weekly discounts make it easier to purchase new vehicles, you’re expected to run out of storage space. Well, purchasing Arcade in-game will solve this problem to some extent as it offers a 10-car garage.

This means that players can hide 10 of their vehicles at the company location and take out any car they want. Setting Arcade as the spawn location also ensures that you return to the same location. Even if you don’t purchase the personal accommodation, the extra garage space is still a decent investment.

5) You plan to focus on generating passive income

While completing heists and other missions in GTA Online offers a lot of money quickly, most players like to focus on the passive income that fills the safe over time. Since Arcade allows you to monitor and control all other in-game businesses, it is a great buy for anyone looking to earn a good passive income.

Purchasing the personal accommodation upgrade and appearing in the Arcade every few hours allows for a steady stream of income from various businesses that you can control through the Master Terminal. So if you want to go this route, investing in an arcade is a good idea.

In other news, GTA Online’s upcoming Valentine’s Day drip feed has been leaked, revealing several unique things Rockstar has planned for the game.

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