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Google warns iPhone users they face hacking threat due to major unresolved security issue – News18

In a rare situation, Google is warning iPhone users about multiple zero-day vulnerability threats that can be exploited to hack devices. In fact, the company explains that government hackers have used this flaw to attack iPhone users with spyware.

Details of this threat have been provided by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), responsible for monitoring and informing the public about hacking attempts made by governments. The group has specifically talked about a Spanish startup called Variston that has been developing spyware used to exploit sellers.

This is where the TAG refers to a hacking attempt by a group working for the government who knew about zero-day issues that Apple didn’t know about.

Google already kept Variston on its radar after analyzing the company several times for malware in 2022 and then in 2023.

iPhone users face several security threats, but overall Apple is aware of these issues and quickly releases a patch to fix the loopholes. However, zero-day threats are a major concern for giants like Google and Apple, which need greater partnership to help each other avoid major flaws that can be exploited in large numbers. So how is this zero-day attack different and what method did hackers use to exploit the issue?

Reports say that the attackers used to send a malicious link via SMS to infect the iPhone infected by the vulnerability. Doing this is usually enough for criminals to access the victim’s device and gain remote access to steal data and other information.

The report does not say who used the spyware developed by Variston, but based on the company’s profile, it is likely a government network. In addition to Variston, Google is tracking a few more companies involved in the business of creating spyware, such as Cy4Gate, RCS Lab, and Negg.

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