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Google’s Pixel Fold 2 could undergo a major redesign, leaked prototype image reveals – Times of India

Google has begun development of its second-generation foldable phone, also known as the Pixel Fold 2, and the first alleged images of the Pixel Fold 2 have surfaced online, revealing a major redesign. Here’s what we know about Google’s upcoming foldable phone.

An anonymous person, who also shared the hardware details of Google’s upcoming foldable phone, has now shared an image of the first prototype with Android Authority, revealing the design of the phone and that there are some major changes compared to the first-generation Pixel Fold.

The source said that Google’s next foldable phone has a narrower cover screen and an inner screen that is closer to a square aspect ratio. The overall form factor of the device could be similar to the OnePlus Open, which has screens sized between the Pixel Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Source: Android Authority

The Pixel Fold 2 also appears to have a new camera design, with a separate camera island with four sensors, which could include a primary wide-angle lens, a secondary ultra-wide-angle lens, a tertiary periscopic telephoto lens, and an unknown lens. lens. The functionality of the fourth sensor is unclear. The camera island also has an LED flash and a microphone. This design is a significant departure from the visor-like camera bar we’ve seen on recent Pixel phones.

Additionally, the Pixel Fold 2 appears to have design similarities with the upcoming Pixel 9 series. According to the report, the Pixel Fold 2 has a rounded inner and outer display and an aluminum frame. The interior display now has a cutout in the top right corner for the camera. The crease is still noticeable, but the phone is thin, the source said.

A previous report indicated that Google has been testing the Pixel Fold 2 internally for several months. Prototypes of the second-generation device were tested with the Tensor G3 chip, which also powers the Pixel 8 phones. However, sources suggest that Google has started testing the Tensor G4 chip for the Pixel Fold 2, which may feature Arm Cortex cores. X4, Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55. Pixel Fold 2 prototypes could also upgrade storage, with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 4.0 storage.


The prototype model in question is currently in the EVT (Engineering Validation Test) stage, which implies that it is still in the initial testing phase. Based on this, it is unclear whether the Pixel Fold 2 will launch at the upcoming I/O event in May, as the first-generation model was previously unveiled there. However, it is possible that it will debut later this year, sometime in October, alongside the Pixel 9 series.

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