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HONOR prepares to launch HONOR CHOICE smartwatch with swim-proof durability

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Expanding the device segment with artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), HONOR is all set to introduce the latest smartwatch with a built-in HONOR Health app, designed to track active lifestyle. Equipped with innovative features such as ultra-thin AMOLED display, built-in multi-system GNSS, one-click SOS call and ultra-long battery life, the smartwatch is water resistant up to 5 ATM, making it the perfect companion for water activities such as swimming, surfing, etc. The smartwatch integrates seamlessly with your smartphone for a connected experience.

Here are the top 5 features that make HONOR CHOICE Watch a must-have:

1: Innovative display technology

The watch’s cutting-edge display technology helps the user experience unparalleled clarity with up to 410×502 resolution and remarkable retina-level display accuracy of 332 PPI on a spacious 1.95-inch display, captivating your vision directly. on your wrist. Focusing deeply on your wrist’s “vision,” this device combines a 75 percent screen-to-body ratio with a dynamic 60Hz refresh rate, delivering a visually engaging and seamlessly integrated encounter.

With 8 pre-installed watch faces and 21 dynamic “always-on displays,” this device provides uninterrupted convenience by staying active without needing to lift your wrist, ensuring you’re always accessible.

2: 5 ATM swim proof durability

Designed with a 5 ATM water resistance level, this watch is versatile and perfect for swimming and surfing, and features exceptional waterproof capabilities. It is undeterred by adverse weather conditions and acts as a reliable exercise companion ready to accompany you through any weather challenge.

3: All-in-1 integrated multi-system GNSS

This watch allows you to experience fast and accurate positioning, improving overall navigation and tracking capabilities with the built-in advanced GNSS satellite positioning chip technology. Supporting five major global satellite positioning systems: GPS+ GLONASS + GALILEO + BDS+QZSS, it ensures accurate location tracking and leaves a detailed trail of every step you take.

4: All-day health companion: HONOR Health

Whether day or night, the watch diligently monitors your health throughout the day and tracks changes, providing a vigilant guard over your health. The watch facilitates one-click measurement of heart rate, SpO2, and stress levels, typically completed within 60 seconds.

With a fully updated heart rate algorithm and advanced sensors, this device offers continuous and accurate monitoring of your heart rate. For SpO2 monitoring, the watch’s sensors use red and infrared light, advanced algorithms, and personalized reminders to estimate and monitor blood oxygen levels, aiding in proactive health management and improving overall performance.

The smartwatch seamlessly connects with a smartphone with the HONOR Health app that is designed to monitor health conditions and also offers a series of unique and personalized training modules free of cost for various outdoor and fitness activities. . The innovative all-day stress monitoring feature actively assesses stress levels by continuously collecting heart rate signals at intervals, making it a unique companion for monitoring physical and mental health.

5: Ultra-long battery life

With a 300 mAh capacity battery, the watch boasts an impressive 12 days of typical use on a single charge, even while continuously monitoring sleep for 7 hours each night. With the convenience of magnetic suction charging, a single full charge per week is adequate to meet your daily needs, ensuring long-lasting and effective battery performance.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the watch also connects, calls, and ensures seamless security with Bluetooth 5.3, enabling one-click calling and SOS functionality right from your wristwatch.

Additionally, it offers personalized deep breathing exercises, hydration alerts, menstrual cycle tracking with management and sedentary reminders and alerts through the app, providing a wide range of features to improve your well-being. Encompassing over a hundred training modes, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing and more, this device adapts to almost all sporting scenarios, from outdoor activities to gym workouts.


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