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How to play GTA Online’s Shotgun Wedding Valentine’s Day special for triple the money and RP? (February 8-14)

Valentine’s Day celebrations began in GTA Online with its weekly update on February 8. Rockstar Games has temporarily increased the payouts for certain Valentine’s-themed multiplayer modes, one of which is Shotgun Wedding Deathmatch, which offers 3x cash and RP until February 14, 2024. This is a simple but fun mode whose departure takes place in Paleto. Bay. As expected, this content is limited to shotguns only.

Veteran players can be expected to be familiar with this Deathmatch variant, as it was introduced in 2014. However, beginners may need some help. Therefore, this article will explain how to play the special Valentine’s Day Forced Wedding in Grand Theft Auto Online for triple the money and RP this week (February 8-14).

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Everything you need to know about Shotgun Wedding in GTA Online and how to earn triple cash and RP this Valentine’s week (February 8-14, 2024)

The Shotgun Wedding Deathmatch is played between four and 12 participants grouped into two teams. Matches in this shotgun-only mode take place around a church in Paleto Bay and will reward triple the usual cash and RP until February 14, 2024, as part of GTA Online’s special weekly Valentine’s Day update.

Eliminating opponents awards one point and the team that reaches the target score first is declared the winner. This goal is customizable and is set by the host before the game begins. During the match, participants can check the live tally of themselves and their opponent in the lower right corner of the screen.

See all the scores in the lower right corner (Image via YouTube/Jeebster)See all the scores in the lower right corner (Image via YouTube/Jeebster)
See all the scores in the lower right corner (Image via YouTube/Jeebster)

The host can also modify many other settings before a Shotgun Wedding Deathmatch game begins, such as the time of day, weather, time limit, and more.

Several GTA Online vehicles will also be present in the match area. They are accessible and can also be used for cover. While players start with a forced weapon, shotguns, armor, and health kits will be scattered around the play area.

For those wondering how to start Shotgun Wedding Deathmatch, open GTA Online. pause menuGo to the Online tab, then click Jobs, play job, Rock star created, Deathmatchesand select Forced marriage from the playlist.

Rockstar playlist created Deathmatches (Image via X/@TezFunz2)Rockstar playlist created Deathmatches (Image via X/@TezFunz2)
Rockstar playlist created Deathmatches (Image via X/@TezFunz2)

Although your final reward is not too high, the triple cash and RP bonuses active during this Valentine’s week are a good incentive for a limited time. In addition, the Adversary mode until death do us part in GTA Online also rewards triple the normal payout until February 14, 2024.

In addition to applying additional rewards in these multiplayer matches, Rockstar Games has introduced new weekly GTA Online discounts for the Valentine’s Day event and a bunch of gifts that can be claimed simply by logging into the game.

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