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iPhone 16 Pro series will offer up to 2TB of storage and larger batteries – news

Apple is planning several key updates to its iPhone 16 Pro series and now we get more specific details thanks to a new rumor based on supply chain sources. Both 16 Pro models will offer larger screens: 6.3 inches on the 16 Pro and 6.9 inches on the 16 Pro Max. The other part worth mentioning here is that both phones will feature Micro Lens Array (MLA) OLED panels which should offer improved brightness and even better viewing angles than conventional OLED panels.

The iPhone 16 Pro generation will launch with Apple’s A18 Pro chip coupled with 8GB of RAM. The other big addition is the option to increase storage to 2 TB, compared to the 1 TB limit of the previous generation iPhones.

The new leak also corroborates previous leaks about exclusive AI features on the 16 Pro models and we could also see some integration with the recently released Apple MGIE AI model. Both phones will supposedly get a new 48MP ultra-wide lens and the smaller Pro will finally get the 5x tetraprism lens.

The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max may offer the best battery life of any Pro model, according to a new rumor. The 16 Pro Max is expected to get a 4,676 mAh battery cell compared to the 15 Pro Max’s 4,441 mAh cell, which, along with the supposed efficiency savings from the new chipset, would help the 16 Pro Max achieve the longest battery life of any iPhone.

The smaller 16 Pro is also expected to bring a larger battery than its predecessor. We have seen leaks in its prototype with a 3355 mAh (13.02 Wh) capacity cell housed in a metal holder to improve heat dissipation.

iPhone 16 Pro prototype battery

Both new phones will also have the Capture button and Apple has also supposedly improved its titanium processing performance while reducing per case costs.

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