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Made-in-India Battle Royale Game Indus Gets 8.5 Million Pre-Registrations

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Pune-based game developer SuperGaming has garnered 8.5 million pre-registrations for its Indian-made battle royale title Indus, a year after opening pre-registrations in January 2023.

The startup also made the game available in beta for Android devices through Google Play after a limited closed beta for select iOS users in December 2023.

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What is particularly noteworthy is that SuperGaming claims that the game will be playable on low-end Android smartphones priced around Rs 8,000, making it accessible to a wide set of players around the world.

“Mobile is the largest segment of the Indian gaming market and we want to treat mobile players as first-class citizens rather than an afterthought,” said Sujeet Kumar, CTO of SuperGaming.

“While Indus runs on Unity, our fully custom sandbox shooter technology called Indus Engine allows us to optimize the game even further for a smoother gaming experience,” he said.

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SuperGaming said Indus is currently running at over 40fps on low-end 2022 Android devices with 4GB of RAM along with various visual details, such as environments and shadows, reduced in its internal testing conditions. Meanwhile, the 2023 Android flagships hit 60fps with every visual detail set to maximum in internal tests.

“SuperGaming is continually optimizing Indus to support more low-end devices. Most smartphones purchased from 2020 onwards should be able to run it at playable frame rates. Visual fidelity may vary depending on the exact hardware in use as well as game settings. graphics customized by the user.” said the startup.

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Making the game available to a broader set of consumers will be key for Indus as it looks to take on rival titles in the Battle Royale genre, where online players fight to the death until only one remains.

The genre is currently dominated by Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Garena’s Free Fire, with other players including Epic Games-owned Fortnite and Microsoft’s Call of Duty. Mayhem Studios, the studio backed by skill gaming unicorn Mobile Premier League (MPL) also recently announced the closed beta of its battle royale title Underworld Gang Wars.

A unique victory condition also sets this game apart: Cosmium, an in-game item developed by SuperGaming, awards victory to anyone who captures it during the final minutes of the game. This allows players to win without being the last one standing.

“Cosmium is central to the Indus universe, storytelling and gameplay,” says SuperGaming co-founder Roby John.

Currently, the beta will be accessible through a limited number of keys on the Indus Beta website that people can obtain by signing up for the waitlist.

It will include the full Battle Royale experience and several new features tested and improved through previous Indus Community Playtests, the Indus Esports Invitational esports event, and the iOS limited closed beta event, the company said.

Indus is the most ambitious title from SuperGaming, which has previously developed games such as MaskGun, Silly Royale, Battle Stars and Tower Conquest.

The game studio, which counts Pac-Man, Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, Skycatcher, BAce Capital and Dream Incubator among its investors, first unveiled Indus in January 2022 and plans to release the title on mobile platforms and consoles. and PC.

The game is set in ‘Indofuturism’, which the startup describes as a futuristic world that is “unapologetically Indian in its exploration and representation of science fiction.” It is heavily inspired by Indian culture and mythology and features the Indus Valley Civilization as the backdrop to the story.

In November 2023, SuperGaming also announced an integration with Fortnite to attract a global audience. As part of this integration, players will be able to experience Indus gameplay, map, and modes in Fortnite Creator Mode on PC and macOS.

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